8or10' pol nic rain head rohlvsdanzevsjado... please help!!

marthasinyFebruary 29, 2012

I am trying to figure out whether to go w/an 8 inch or 10 inch rain head. Choices limited due to "polished nickel" traditional/vintage Rohl cross handle country collection fixtures. Rohl offers an 8 inch shower rose rain head w/ANTI-CAL (easier to clean?). Rohl does not offer 10 inch head. None of the ones I see can be used at a tilt w/o affecting flow.

1. I like the Rohl 8 inch but want to make sure its big enough to enjoy a rain shower experience. Is it necessary to go to 10 inch to have an enjoyable rain shower? Will going to bigger head cause less pressure and degrade experience?

2. Danze has a 10 inch model D461193. Jado 860/110 10 inch advertises no water drip after shut off and rubber nozzles. What is better? Is it worth staying w/Rohl 8" to get anti-cal feature or getting larger head. Is it worth $100 more for Jado vs Danze features?

3. What size arm do I need to ceiling mount it. 12"? Rain head height is 4-6"/hubby 6 ft /I am 5 ft. If I hang it w/6" rod instead of a 12", will it affect my usage or splash over glass shower doors?

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Hi Martha, I responded to one of your other threads about my decision to purchase a Jado but, now that I see that is is one you are considering, I wanted to let you know that I was able to pick up a Jado 860/110/150 (10" polished nickel rainhead) this past week from Amazon.com for $187, way less than elsewhere. It's being installed today so I should be able to give you some feedback on its performance and splash zone.

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Thanks treasureoftheday!
I had to put my order in yesterday and the sales person suggested I stick w/Rohl 8" because I have a relatively small shower area about 32X43 and the polished nickel would be an exact match. I also went w/6" rod of ceiling mount because the rain head is about 6" and I lose an inch or two on the floor. With 8 feet ceilings, that's about 1.2 feet lost already. I am looking forward to hearing how your rain head works.

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