Who installed your modernaire, gagg, Miele

gwloloFebruary 1, 2013

I am trying to figure out which appliances need professional installers and which ones can be handled my electrician, GC, plumber etc.

Modernaire hood - just the hood between cabinets. Ducting and the external vent already done. Do I need to pay $400 to the modernaire rep recommended installers?

Miele dishwasher (paneled)
Miele refrigerator (paneled)
SZ freezer drawers (paneled)
GE warming drawer (paneled)
Gagg steam combi oven
Gagg convection oven
Gagg induction
Gagg woktop

One appliance place recommended by the local gagg distributor wants $1800 to install the whole lot. This is in northern California San Jose area. Does this sound right?

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Fori is not pleased

Watch whoever installs the FP dishdrawer. I've had bad luck and had to reinstall too many.

Guy who delivered it--bad install and I had to redo it. GC after we remodeled and kept the newish DD--bad install but the cabinetmaker fixed it when he put the panels on. Real Plumber who was replacing the pipes--bad install, banged it so hard he ended up paying me for cabinet damage and a new circuit board. 18 year old kid sent by FP to replace the board and used his iPhone for a level? He was good.

That DD went through alot.

When we moved and got a new DD, I just passed on having it installed and put it in myself to skip the middle step of having someone who wouldn't read instructions install it.

Some of those appliances are persnickety (DDs are not, although lining up panels can be.) and I'd be tempted to go with whatever install provides the better warranty. The hood though? I'd let the GC do it.

Wait a minute...my GC screwed that up too. He refused to read the instructions...

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GC installed miele paneled dw and gagg combi. He is also a licensed plumber and his electrician helped. Fortunately I didn't have to pay by the hour, as he read everything here and is super picky! I would pay for the factory trained installers in the future since they "normally" offer some how-to's if they are familiar with the product.

Good luck....you've got some nice things to have fun with!

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GC installed the Modernaire hood, duct work and external vent; certified Miele tech installed the DW. BTW, the Miele tech ended up damaging the custom panel upon install! (Of course, his insurance paid for the replacement panel.)

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