Thanks to the NH folks!

ginnierNovember 8, 2005

Just wanted to say what a nice visit I had with a floor nurse (probably CNA) at a NH. She was so helpful and was glad to answer questions about placing my parents in the facility (I am only doing groundwork at this point). She painted a rather clear picture of life there, discussing meals and activities, what Mom would have to deal with

regarding her smoking (she'd have to totter outdoors!). I sometimes wish I had a booklet or a form with questions; I almost don't even know what's most important. Other than that Mom and Dad don't want to leave their home. What other forums do you go to for info or discussions? Sometimes I feel like I am just arming myself for days ahead. But so far so good...the folks are in their early 80's. One of these days tho....the time will come when I will move in or they will move out depending on the circumstances. Thank you for all your info. I'm thankful for the nice people at these NH around here too.

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Hey there. Glad you got good info and a good feeling. Smart to plan ahead and not get caught with an emergency. I believe Medicare puta out a booklet "How to Choose a Nürsing Home"...or similar title. Good luck!DW

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