New Construction, Bathroom Walls Drop When with Condensate

TonySakFebruary 15, 2012

Hi All,

So we have a new construction house. In our master bathroom we have a 150cfm Panasonic main fan for the shower, and a Panasonic 80cfm fan for the separate toilet room.

When we shower a TON of condensation forms on the plaster walls. We have never seen it before. Basically the paint job is ruined. I can't figure out how to fix it. Its not the air flow, we have tired one or both fans with the door open and shut and there is a ton of air moment. The heat is on when we shower so the walls are room temp. The mirrors also do not really fog up.

Any ideas?

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Sophie Wheeler

Does the condensate form uniformly on all walls, or is one more affected than others? What kind of insulation was used in the walls? Sounds like there might be a void there and the warm moist bathroom air is meeting cold walls and condensate is forming. Also, 150 CFM is pretty low for a bath fan. Where is it ducted to? As in where does the ductwork penetrate the building envelope? And have you checked it to see if the duct is not obstructed?

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There seems to be a ton of air flow. With both fans on its over 240CFM. is that still too low? Its funny i thought 150 was going to be too much air flow. When the fans are on, you can feel quite a bit of wind resistance as you try to close the bathroom door.

The drippings are very consistent over all the walls. They also all seem to be the same temp (exterior walls and interior).

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