Toto Aquia dual flush regrets?

JohnnieBFebruary 16, 2014

Anybody else regretting their choice? As part of a major home renovation project about 5 years ago, my husband and I installed 2 Toto Aquia dual flush toilets, one in our master bath and the other in our guest bath. We have never been entirely happy with them. The primary problem is that with the low water level, you have to have awfully good aim or the toilet bowl will get dirty, and as often as not it does NOT wash it down! So we are flushing the toilet twice (which negates the water conservation aspect) or otherwise cleaning the bowl constantly, and when we have guests it is downright embarrassing. And we usually have to explain to our guests how to flush the damn thing! But the last straw is that the fill valve on one of them has failed, and on top of having to special order the replacement part, it turns out to be nearly impossible to replace ourselves. If we were doing it all over, we would NOT install these toilets.

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I have a Guinevere (single flush), my first 1.28 gallon toilet, and hate it for the same reasons, right down to the guests being embarrassed. In my case the fill valve hasn't failed, but unless you empty the tank by holding the flush handle for 3-5 seconds, the flapper gets sucked into the hole, causing a massive internal leak, . Adjustment helps, but only for a while. The sanagloss appears to make things worse, as nastiness seems to grab and hold on even above the water line, requiring frequent brushing. No more Sanagloss (more like "snag - gloss") and no more 1.28 gallon toilets for me!

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