Administrator at Care facility should be fired

mangomoonNovember 6, 2012

My father is in an assisted living facility. He is of fairly sound mind. This facility hired a person that has experience in nursing home setting, but no college degree and is not tactful, was coming to work in beach clothes and has the wrong caliber for the facility.

This administrator ranted to me about how I didn't have permission from my sister (who has Poa) to take my father to Dr appointments. I raised my voice back to her that she was out of line, and that all documents and signatures from my sister who lives out of state, would allow me (I live 3 blocks away) to take my father to appointments. She went on to say that I was trying to get everyone fired, after I told them to make sure that the caregivers removed the wet soiled bedding in my father's room as they forgot. She has been reported to the new owners who say they have received many complaints about her, but she argued right in front of my father. Today when I visited, my father said he felt ill just watching her actions towards me. I feel she had no business and should be fired. As far as my attitude towards her, well my family pays the $3000 for my father to reside there, so I don't feel I was out of line. What would you have done?

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You don't need a Power of Attorney for such trips or anything else that your father okays. He's not incapable of expressing himself, is he? Then a POA means NOTHING.

Serious breach.

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Google "nursing home ombudsman" and your state or city and contact them ASAP. They are mandated to advocate for long-term care facility patients.

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A Health Care Proxy or POA only applies if your father becomes mentally incapacitated or unable to communicate. If he wishes, you can drive him anywhere he likes. Yes the Administrator sounds like a beyotch.

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I am aware of the Ombudsman, but because I have learned lessons on my job about going to the "top", I decided in this situation to talk to the Operations Manager who oversees one of several assisted living facilities. BTW, this facility was privately owned, it is now part of a chain, so I began with the Operations Manager, who told me that she had received numerous complaints and comments about this person. She promised changes, but I think what is in the way is the fact that they would likely need someone with the Admin license to step in before they terminate this person. The Admin Executor is so unprofessional she tells the caregivers in the facility that I am out to destroy their jobs. Believe me they can do that all on their own. They don't need me for this. So, the Operations person is going to be visiting again this afternoon and she told me she would call me. I asked that the person be fired. I can't stand it when employers receive complaints and they don't take proper actions.

Worse case scenerio we will move my father out. We do not have POA, but a stronger power. My father is Court Conserved and there are a lot of people we answer to, so trying to move him ASAP won't really work. Yes, my father is very capable of expressing himself, as he knows who he is and of sound mind, however, he may be afraid because he lives there. You may be wondering why a person of sound mind is conserved by the courts? Well, my father allowed 2 nephews to drain his bank accounts two times. This happens to a lot of old folks and sometimes goes undetected. After consulting with an attorney, we had no choice but to remove his rights and Conserve him and his remaining assets. Those assets are how we pay for his care. Shame huh?

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I don't think the Ombudsman is an employee of the care home. We had a good administrator at my husband's last care home. When the administrator heard a couple of my complaints, she told me I need to ask for a care meeting or something like that. It has been a long time ago. Any way I had a meeting with the head nurse and someone else and they took down my complaints. One of the complaints was that an aide told me my husband could talk he just acted like he couldn't when I was there. That aide was fired and things got a lot better.

The home he was in before that I did call the state rep and reported what was going on there. I found out it was a behavioral center not a care home. They came out the next day, but I didn't notice a difference in the care. I took him out of there.

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The Ombudsman is independent, not an employee. I would make the complaint 'to the top' if you like, but always include the Ombudsman rep as well. There may be a pattern with other patients.

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Well as I state in my initial posting, the Operations Manager who overseas several of the facilities, HAD received several complaints very similar to what I described to her and I don't know those that complained and they do not know me, but one would think, that the OP Mgr would have removed the Executive Director. Employers need to pay attention to character, not just the experience on the resume. This person has experience on the resume, but her caliber is wrong for this environment, entirely! You can't teach someone caliber unless they are willing to change themselves. This person has absolutely no tact and I would describe her as uncouth. is business and by removing her immediately, I am assuming that the Op Manager would have to find an immediate replacement. I hate telling people what to do, but all she has to do is begin interviewing at a discrete location. In other words, take action! I should be hearing from her today, but I have made up my mind. If things don't change, we will just put my father in a 6 bed facility licensed care. Less crap, less employees to deal with and better care

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