Thank you to all you forum angels

toomuchglassNovember 12, 2007

Thank you for letting me read all of your stories , feeling your pain and sharing in your strength. It's my turn to make the terrible decision to put my FIL in a home. I'm 53, FIL has been living with DH & I for 4 years. He's 91 now. I had a " meltdown " last week and told DH I can't do this anymore. ( Needless to say - I'm not a popular person around here lately.) I'm putting my mental health first . I've been on antidepressants for over 10 years now .So between Menopause and depression , I feel myself slipping. I Called a social worker today - I didn't even care who - I just needed to talk. She gave me a really nice pep talk . Boy , this sure is hard isn't it ? I Don't know how I'm going to explain it to FIL ....

but it has to be. Stay strong everyone . ((Hugs))

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Toomuch, you certainly are right when you say, "...this sure is hard..." There is never a perfect solution and always so many things to consider. You can only make decisions based on what you think will be best for both you and your loved one. There will always be some second guessing involved -- wondering if you made the right decision, wondering if you were too selfish, etc. But, in the end, you just do the best you can given the circumstances you are facing.

Everyone's situation is a bit different, but the folks on this forum have a lot of experience, knowledge, empathy, & encouragement to share.

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You have been thru too much and 10 years on anti depressents is not good. Your DH should back you not his father (Money involved? guilt?) You did the right thing.
I could not, did not do it when my folks were alive, but they knew that. By the way, who is going to take care of DH, if you completly break down?
Hugs for you.

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