Finish Quantum tabs- Not dropping correctly?

karenlee56February 4, 2013

I'm using the Finish Quantum tabs in the new Miele and they are doing a superb job...although the Miele would probably do a fantastic job anyway! :) Regardless, the tabs don't seem to be falling properly.

When they drop, even when no dishware is in the way of the detergent cup, the tab drops straight down and winds up sticking to the bottom of the dishwasher usually vertically. This happens consistently. The location is about an inch from the door which is away from the water. I always wait until it drops, then open the door and throw it in the water to be sure it does its job. I don't want to have to babysit this dishwasher. I went through enough with its predecessor!! LOL

Any comments or ideas? Is this actually normal and will the water eventually reach it? Has anyone else had this happen with the Quantum tab?

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I tried the Finish Quantum in my Miele about a year ago, and didn't have that problem. They did clean well, but I noticed that plastic items started discoloring. I have been using the Method Smarty tabs since then. They work just as well as the Finish Quantum, but does not contain bleach. Also, I only have to use 1/2 of a Method tab per wash load. I was buying the 20 count bag locally, but last year Amazon started to sell a 6 bag bulk for a good price, so I went with it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I agree with Fauguy. Try a different tab to see if the issue is with your DW, or whether the issue is with Finish Quantum tabs. The Method Smarty tabs are good for this test, because they break easily in half. I agree again with Fauguy that I only have to use a 1/2 Method Smarty tab per load, unless my dishes are unusually greasy.

An added bonus is you won't get the bleach smell you get from the Finish Quantum tabs. You can find Method Smarty tabs at Target, Whole Foods and some other places. I prefer the unscented version. While they seem pricey at $5.99 for 20 tabs, like I said, I break them in half, and get 40 loads for $5.99. I suppose I could shop in bulk on Amazon like Fauguy, and they would cost much less.

Here is a link that might be useful: Method Smarty Dish Tabs at Target

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I was buying the Method tabs from Whole Foods Store for $5.99 (on sale) as the regular price was $6.99. With 20 in a bag, and cut them in-half, gives 40 wash loads. The 6-bag box from Amazon was a great deal. 20 tabs X 6 bags = 120 tabs, 240 cut in half = 8 months ($3.50 per month).

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I love the quantum tabs and would like to continue using them. I would just like to know if anyone else has had the same experience when trying to use them. If all else fails then I will the Smarty tabs. Thank you for suggesting them!

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The Finish "Powerball" tabs don't have bleach and work better than the "Quantum" in our DW. We don't have Miele DW, though, so I can't help with the dispenser issue.

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I use the power ball tabs in my Frigdaire gallery DW. I had a problem with the tablet sometimes dropping and not fully dissolving by the end of the cycle. Being that I don't want to baby sit a machine I usually run the machine in the evening or before bed so not going to check mid cycle. What I started to do was put just toss the tablet in the bottom of the machine start her up and just not bother with the detergent cup at all. So far everything has been clean

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I've used the Quantum tabs in my Miele. Never had an issue with them not dissolving. Give it some more time after the cup opens and you'll see that it dissolves.. Those tabs are pretty heavily encased and take a bit more time than others.

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karenlee56's a logical way to do things but then I would have to try and turn off the prewash function. I believe the prewash is important to any dishwasher's overall cleaning ability.

aamassther....Do you think they would dissolve even if they're not sitting in the water? I guess the water hits the door, too, so the tab would still eventually dissolve if it's near the door?

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Have you tried the Cascade Complete Pacs? I was using the Finish both Quantum and Powerball formulas. After I saw the ad on TV that the Cascade would even clean the muffin pans I decided to try it. They work better than anything I have ever used, used to use the Cascade Complete and after the removal of phosphates the Cascade was terrible. I guess it just took a while to tweak the new formula but the new Complete Pacs work great for me. I do realize cleaning differs due to difference in water. I see the trial pacs at Wal Mart. You should try them and see if they will work for you.

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Karenlee56, I do think they will dissolve. Ive never had any tab brand not dissolve in my LaPerla II. I must admit that I don't use the Quantum tabs anymore. I used them exclusively in my previous Bosch dishwasher and really liked them. I found that I didn't like the performance on my pots and pans with the new Miele. I've found that it prefers powders to tabs on the longer cycles like P and P and heavy wash.

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I think I might have been worrying unnecessarily. After speaking with the people from Finish, I was told to give it more time for the tabs to dissolve before looking in and becoming concerned that the tab was still sitting there after it dropped. I tried that last night. I didn't look in for about an hour into the wash cycle and the tab was gone. The water clearly had detergent in it and the load turned out spotless. After the results I've been getting with my Miele and the Quantum tabs, I don't want to use anything else. The results are STELLAR and above and beyond what I ever would have expected after having lived in dishwasher hell for so long. :). Too bad that as soon as I start using the Quantum tabs they go and change the formula!!

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Yes, it takes some time for them to dissolve. Bosch even has a tray that catches the tab before it falls to the bottom of the dishwasher. Look at the video, maybe you can identify whose detergent manufacturer's tab is used in the video... ;-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch DosageAssist

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FINISH QUANTUM SUCKS!!!!!!!! What a waste of money!!!!! I ended up throwing a mega box of them IN THE GARBAGE!!!!! They do not de solve!!!! I have a clump of half melted plastic mixed with detergent..... That I have to pry out of my dispencer!!!!!

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