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ginnierNovember 28, 2005

My folks are still living on their own but they are not very active anymore. For Thanksgiving I made these turkey cookies that were several steps of apply frosting then candy or cookie. I had my folks help me and they really enjoyed it!! It was about an hour of activity. What else can I do with them that is a fun time filler??? Their snapshots are taken care of...the house is taken care of...they do not think it is fun to go thru their clothes to throw away the old and tattered. Dad can do the puzzles that have a little larger pieces and he has done the 6 that are available at our Wal-Mart. I'm hoping to do some Christmas cookies with them but need other ideas.

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Is there a halo over your head? LOL? You are a wonderful daughter, and your parents are blessed.

Do they like board games or card games?

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I did feel good to see them enjoy the cookie put together. Is it possible to keep coming up with ideas?? Sure they will play a few cards or Uno, but the cookies was such a "service" project almost. I really needed those 15 turkeys and they really helped! So that's what I must come up with--a project where I "need" to get something done and can include them in the completion. It is a never ending battle to challenge them and keep them going. I must admit they are almost content watch tv or read the paper...neither of which ever comes up in conversation. They don't discuss ANYthing anymore except what the weather's doing or what my kids are doing. I'm frustrated at times as to whether my job as daughter includes trying to better occupy some of their time, or should I just leave things as they are. Every once in awhile I think of something that goes over well....... Thanks for letting me whine/scheme/etc. LOL It does help. They are just so...apathetic, I guess. :(

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Since I qualify as a senior, let me say that there is nothing wrong with just sitting around watching TV and reading. You don't have to entertain them if they are content. My husband and I have always been stay at home quiet people and being elderly hasn't changed us. Some people are like that. We don't have much to talk about either. That's OK too. Don't fret about them as long as they seem to be getting along all right.

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Ginnier, have you gotten in touch with yor local AOA?
There should be a Senior Center that would offer crafts, excersize classes, music programs, and many offer a low cost lunch or diner event several times a week. You can make arrangements to have the centers bus come pick them up and bring them home. You could tell them it's "date Night" and help them get dressed up to go to dinner at the center, there would be lots of other seniors to socialize with there and this could be a nearly day long event for them for little or no money. (would also give you a break)
If you let me know what city and county you are in I could get you the info.

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