New bathroom almost done

sweebyFebruary 28, 2009

Thought I'd post some pictures of our 99%-complete new bath. As you can see, the bedroom beyond isn't done yet, and there's no door yet, but the bath itself is about done - Yay!

Paint - Ellen Kennon Gustavian Grey

Vanity - Medallion in Knotty Alder wood, Walnut stain

Sink & Toilet - Toto Baldwin/Clayton

Faucets - Husdon Reed

Field Tile - Emser Classica in cream

Accent Tile - Walker Zanger Mizu

Floor - Walker Zanger 'White Cloud' marble, honed.

Countertop - Walker Zanger 'White Cloud' marble, polished.

Wall Sconces - Can't remember!

Fixtures - Kohler Bancroft

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Oh my, that is truly a beautiful space! Your attention to detail is just wonderful.

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Gorgeous! You did a great job, I love the tile choices, that blue is amazing.

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WOW! I'm in love! What a calm, classic, drop dead gorgeous space! I'm going to go google Walker Zanger Mizu tile now, since you can guess my favorite element :)


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WZ should use your bathroom in their catalog. In other words, superb. Love the mix of white, cool and dark. The chrome looks timeless.

Please use starphire for the shower door. It would be a shame to cover the gorgeous tile work with a green filter (aka regular glass) :) ( I am the regular glass police here )

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Wow, you did great. It all sings together--just perfect.

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Sweeby, you used the Sea color, correct? That is a beautiful tile. The catalog shows a lot of crackling; is that your experience?

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sweeby I am utterly drooling - that is drop dead gorgeous! That's the kind of space that many (many, many!) years from now, someone will be taking great pains to refresh and restore so as not to lose their fabulous bath. Simply stunning.

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Absolutley beautiful! I love your color scheme and material choices. Wow!

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Absolutely Perfect! Bravi! (I know it was a joint project, right? Your DH being a DC as well :))

It's so interesting how the GG comes out in that context. The light-blue-ness of it really shines out. Fascinating.

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Thanks! We just love how the space turned out. I was shooting for a look somewhere along the lines of 'Newport in the 1930's' or 'toned-down Hollywood glam' style, and having that mission statement really helped me stay on track with the fixtures and finishes.

The tile work was a PITA, but as you can tell from the tilework photos, Hubby took great pains to do it perfectly. Each of those little Mizus in the shower inset had to be pulled off the mesh backing and re-set by hand. Hubby also cut the frame tiles in such a way that the corners are perfect where the frame meets the rail. Also, the Classica 3x6's were not perfectly square (though they were perfectly alike), so each one had to be turned 'just so' to keep the tile spacing predictable.

Bluekitchen - You're right - it is the Sea color, and very crackly! So hard to choose just one color since they were all so gorgeous! And now WZ has added more shapes, including some that are really long and skinny.

Pharaoh - Actually, we aren't going with glass doors in the tub/shower, but rather a shower curtain. I sew, and made a nice heavy one from a slubby aqua linen trimmed with taupe silk shantung. It'll be set behind a cornice board (arched to match the sink) covered in the aqua linen and trimmed with a double-row of thick cording in the taupe silk. (Since this is a guest bath and the curtain is lined plus a clear liner, I'm thinking the less-than-suitable fabrics will survive for a few years.) That cornice and the door are the only parts left to do...

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Beautiful!!! Excellent attention to every detail.

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Sweeby, your bathroom is gorgeous! I love the tile high up the wall did you tile? I so want to do that in my bathroom!

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Really gorgeous. I love the blue tile, even if you are supposed to have to seal crackle tile every year. Every element works together harmoniously. I want to be your guest. I hope your own bath is that lovely!

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I love the idea of the silk curtain. Cant wait to see it!

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I LOVE it!!! the tiles are just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I can't imagine how pretty it is in person. Love the sconces, classic crystal knobs, paint color. well done - enjoy!

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I'm looking forward to seeing that curtain, sweeby...and may I ask, what did you do to the window? Is it somehow silvered to match the mirror frame? I can't tell from the pic.

It's all so beautiful. A masterpiece.

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ahhh sweeby you worked magic in there! Send my congrats to dh as well - what a guy -

Nicely appointed -
I started sewing & can't wait to see your curtain - & do you piece it or get xtra wide fabric - is your finished curtain 72x72? Oh, i get curious over these things - also, I found the white 100% poly curtains work well under the fabric curtains, better than the clear plastic imo - & a curved rod makes difference as well

Nice inviting, warm space for some lucky visitors
Oh, & I am a huge bird lover - where did you find that lovely trash bin - maybe it is not even a trash can?


Dont forget to show off that completed shower curtain

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Love, love, love the tile! What a beautiful, classic, peaceful, elegant bathroom. Just tranquil and wonderful. I wish I had more bathrooms so I could make one look just like this. :-)

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It all looks wonderful, but the tile choices are inspired! So pretty and classic. You must smile every time you enter.

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Absolutely Beautiful!!! Soothing, relaxing and calming. I love the knotty alder, the beautiful soft blue it all! I had a decorator suggest I paint my walls blue (I did a similar color scheme to yours) instead of tan I used. Kinda wish I had after seeing yours. VERY nice Sweeby! Your husband did an excellent tile job! Would you mind telling me where you found your blue towels?

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Thanks for the nice comments! -- And yes, we do smile every time we go in there ;-)

Shannon - The wainscot height was planned so that all of the accent pieces would be above the vanity -- so 31" or so to the first 'cigar', then 5 rows of the Mizu, then the top cornice rail. We wanted the wainscoting to be high enough to also function as the backsplash, but not so high that it interfered with the mirror. We got lucky with the window placement leaving room for exactly one full Mizu row -- can't claim any credit for that. Actually, we got lucky many, many times with this tile! Our walls were exactly the right size to end patterns at whole or half tiles, and we had very few 'slivers', despite all of the small tiles and cuts.

Fly - The window is stained in a 'driftwood' color, and the trim is a milky cocoa shade. Those colors were dictated by my office (a very light peach walls with dusty aqua and cocoa woodwork) which we redid about 5 years ago, and which will get incorporated into this en suite. (Smallish bedroom, office and private bath.)

Jejvtr - The shower curtain is pieced, so two full widths of a 54" fabric. I was wanting to create a luxurious, full 'drapery' feeling, so I did the whole lined and drapery-pleated thing at the top. (Knock on wood that it actually looks like my vision!) It's extra-long - so 72" wide at the pleated top, and about 90" long (though some of that will be behind the cornince), and should stop about 2" above the floor. And the inner liner is an extra-long white poly fabric - not quite as long as the curtain, but long enough to stay inside the tub while the curtain stays outside. (I hope -- I have boys...)

And you're right that the designated trash bin isn't really a trash bin -- It's a planter I picked up at Home Goods for a few dollars long before the bath was done. It was just so pretty and it reminded me of where I wanted to go in the room...

Monica - The blue towels are also a Home Goods find. On clearance, no less! And the tub mat, which I didn't photograph, but which has a zig-zag pattern that perfectly echos the herringbone in the shower feature section.

Somehow, this bathroom (after the tile) just fell into place, with none of my usual agony over finding the right accessories. They just fell into my lap...

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Sorry for another question! Is the bottom row of tiles (against the floor) made up of 6X6 tiles cut in half?

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Absolutely gorgeous. I love the color combinations. I think yours and Monicakm's are my favorites that I have bookmarked. GREAT JOB!!

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Just fantastic! I love the tiled walls with the beautiful border and chair rail! I am going to bookmark this page for the day when we're ready to do our second bathroom!

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Wow, that is gorgeous. I clicked on a picture to see additional bathroom views--your whole house looks amazing!

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Love,Love,Love your bathroom! Mine starts next week. I'm doing a similar color scheme but with white and aqua. I was wondering about your baseboard. Is it actual baseboard or did you use chair rail and subway tile? I thought about getting baseboard tile but it wasn't available in the tile I chose. Also, I hope you will post a picture of your shower curtain when it is done. I too sew and have purchased the fabric for my shower curtain but I haven't done anything with it yet. I think we have very similar taste. Do you know who makes your toilet paper holder? I really like it. Thanks and enjoy your new bathroom.

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looking for the shower curtain........

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Just beautiful. WOW. SO...let's talk about that sexy floor tile - it could be exactly what I'm looking for! From the pictures it looks darker/different than the counter. Is it the same material and do they look the same in person? You said the floor is honed and the counter is polished, but on my monitor it looks more varied than I would expect. And what color grout? It looks divine!


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My 'baseboard' is made from a part of a 9x12 tile (about 5x9) with a 'cigar rail' on top. Our cigars and chair rails were 9" long, so we used the 9" dimension, and sized the portion 5" part according to what looked best and gave us the correct overall wainscot height.

The floor tile is honed Winter Cloud marble, and the individual tiles are actually darker than the countertop, though it's the same material. We bought the floor tiles many moons ago for an entirely different tile plan(long story), then laid them all (choosing the darker tiles) before we decided definitively on the countertop material. Then, when we hunted for the Winter Cloud, we found it was out of stock at the only place in town that carried it (Walker Zanger) but they helped us track down a scrap. When I finally found it, I didn't feel 'lucky enough' to be picky!

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Sweeby - how do you like your Hudson Reed faucet? Does it work well and not leak? It's so beautiful in your new sparkling bathroom. I have never heard of this brand before admiring your new bathroom. Please give me your honest opinion on them. Are they as good as other brands like Kohler?

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Beautiful Bathroom!! Your cabinets are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! That rich and warm looking. I am hoping that the oak cabinets I have chosen can be stained to that exact same shade!

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And the final piece is in! The shower curtain and cornice that I went all-out with. I didn't want one of those little flimsy ones made of funny fabric, and the glass tub enclosures always seem to get crusty. So I made my own --

This is the designated guest room and guest bath, so it won't see too much hard use, so I think the linen and silk will wear OK. (There is a waterproof liner.)

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Wow! I didn't think you could improve on this bathroom, but you managed to find a way! Simply stunning!!

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Beautiful bathroom. We are doing our master bath and I was thinking of doing tile up the wall instead of base board. We did it in the laundry room and I like it. No worrying about wood getting wet.

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Ooooh, sweeby. That's just perfect.

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sweeby, where did you find the hook for the shower curtain? It looks like it has a crystal finial on it?

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It does actually have a little crystal finial ;-)
I got it on ebay from some place in England. Basically just like a little cup hook.

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Thanks so much. Was it pandora's upholstery, do you remember? (don't bother to look it up, just if you should know offhand, thanks)

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Yes - it was Pandora's

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Thanks very much, sweeby!

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I love it all. Even your toilet is pretty. The tank looks like a very nice style. Where did you get your knobs and what brand, etc. I love the vanity. Did you have it made at a cabinet shop? This is a really fabulous bathroom.

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Why don't I see any pictures? I cannot see any link to the pictures.

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Thanks Missylin - The knobs, I got on eBay -- Great place to shop! And the vanity is a standard-sized piece from a cabinet line (Medallion). I guess they make them to order, but not fully custem.

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mahatmacat1 nice to see this thread again. I came by to ask a question, actually: how are you feeling about the *fixed* showerhead from HR? I'm considering getting a tub/shower set from them for DD's bathroom and I want to know about how they handle regular water pressure. It would be the cloudburst one--similar to yours in that I think it's all straight down, but only along some rays from the center, not a full field of water. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks again for sharing this beautiful room and I hope you're still enjoying it as much as you were earlier.

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Hi Fly! ;-)
This isn't the bath with the Hudson Reed shower head -- that's the bath with the green arch tile. We got the 'exposed valve and riser' setup, and I really like it. The handheld in particular has *fabulous* water pressure, though the rain shower isn't half bad... We recently replaced the main water line into the house with a larger-than-typical line, so we have a lot of water, and I haven't noticed any problems. Though if my valve were buried deep in a wall with no access, I might not be so comfortable...

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Hi, Sweeby
I realize this comment comes WAY after the conversation above, but if you don't mind me asking:
Did you purchase TWO tiebacks, one for each side of the swathe?
If yes, did you screw them in right next to each other?
Do you remember the eBay seller who sold you the tiebacks?
And where did you find that gorgeous swathe?

Beautiful job!


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