Need to add fan to exixting bathroom

laurmelaFebruary 8, 2012

We have a very small master bathroom in our 1980's tract house. We have added some nice touches with molding and paint, but the one thing it didn't come with was a fan in the toilet/shower area. We have a large window in there, but now that DH shaves in the shower his showers are much longer and he likes them hot, hence we need a fan. Is it an easy process to add on? Right now there is just a single light. If it is too complicated I am afraid DH won't want to do it, but I am the one always opening the window and wiping down the shower. Here are a few pics.

This is the bathroom from the master, the shower is at the very end of the area.

This is the window across from the shower.

Another look from the bedroom, we removed the door to the shower area and the door to the closet and put the barn door between the bedroom and bath suite!

In the summer it isn't really a problem, cause it is dry in CA and opening a window is no big deal. But in the winter, or lack there of this year, it is cool outside and it takes much longer for it to dry out.


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Do you have attic access? What material is your roof? It's a pretty simple DIY matter to cut a hole in your ceiling and roof deck and install the ductwork if you have attic access and an asphalt shingle roof. You can even adapt the light that currently exists to a light/fan. It's only if you don't have attic access or have something like a tile roof that you need a contractor with some experience involved.

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Yeah we have a tile roof, but could we exit the duct work out the side of the house by the roof? This is a second story bathroom and I think we have access to the small attic above. Could we just run the duct work to a vent there?

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Yeah you can go, but if you will taken expert help you will get much better result?.....?

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A couple considerations:

Access from an attic is necessary to avoid ripping up drywall.

You will need to be able to get to the area you want the vent to exit. eg a big ladder if it is on the side or some way to get on the roof.

If you want to control the fan with a separate switch, you'll need to run some new electrical lines for that.

Unless your hubby just loves DIY, this is going to be a bit of a project. It's not overly complicated, but working in attics, climbing ladders and fishing electrical lines aren't really most people's idea of a fun weekend - especially if you don't really care about the result.

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If you have a attic that is vented from a vented soffit, you do not want to exit a ventilation fan out the side of the house directly under that vented soffit. It will just draw the humidity right back into the attic where it doesn't belong. The vent will need to terminate through the roof or be extended past the vented soffit on the exterior in some kind of chase.

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