Programming Mode for Miele Futura Dimension G5505?

EvagelionFebruary 20, 2013

I just bought a Miele Futura Dimension G5505SCU and I was wondering if anybody knows whether there is a programming mode like the older models where you can increase water fill and add in second interim rinse?
I called Miele service line and the woman just said no and told me the dishwasher has salt dispenser.... it was obvious she was flipping through the user manual... pretty useless help there.

If you do, could you let me know the steps to set it up please?

Thank you.

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I have the Diamante Plus, which was a previous model from 2 years ago, and have the programming steps written down somewhere....have to find it.

It was a combination of pressing one button while powering it on, then another button for different modes.

I did turn on the added water fill, external interm rinse, and extra drying. The extra interm rinse for some reason in program dependent. For example it will not add another rinse when I run the Normal or Express program, but will add it to the Pots/Pans, China, and Sanitation. Someone said this is because the Normal program was designed for the unit to meet Energy Star qualifications, so it doesn't add the extra rinse. The added water looks to be about 1/2 inch, but I'm not sure how much water oz that is. The extra drying just means it runs the bottom fan for 30 minutes longer in the drying mode. It did seems to help drying some, mostly with plastics.

There is also another option for Sadat hot water, but since the unit is connected to the hot water line, that isn't needed.

Last year when a Miele tech was here to check something out, he hooked his laptop PC up to the unit, and the PC software also had the option of making those changes as well.

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Had to double check, but here's how to enter the programming mode that works on my Miele Diamante Plus:

1) Make sure door is closed and unit is off.
2) Press and hold the Start button, press and release the power button (turn on).
3) Release the Start button, then press Start five times, and hold it in on the 5th time.
4) The Start LED should be flashing very fast, release the Start button. You are now in the programming mode.

To make a selection, you have to press the Delay Start button a set number of times (see below). The Rinse and Hold LED will flash the number of times equaling the programming mode. Each shot flash = 1, long flash = 10, so if you press the Delay Start button 20 times for Extra Hot Water, the Rinse and Hold LED will do two long flashes.

Then to turn one of these programs on or off, you press and Start button, which will flash the Rinse LED (not to be confused with Rinse and Hold LED). No flash means that program is off, 1 flash means it is on.

So for example, after completing the 4 steps above to enter into the programming mode, press the Delay Start 20 times, and the Rinse and Hold LED will flash two long times, then press the Start button once and the Rinse LED will flash to indicate the Extra Hot Water mode is on (If you press Start again, the Rinse LED turns off to indicate that mode is off). Then press Delay Start 3 times and the Rinse and Hold LED will flash two long times and three short times (23), press the Start button to turn on or off the Extra Hot Water mode. Press Delay Start 3 more times and the Rinse and Hold LED flashes two long and six short (26), press Start button to turn on or off the Extra Interim Rinse. Press Delay start one time for two long flashes and seven short (27), then press the Start button to turn on or off the Improved Drying.

For me, I have 20 off, and 23/26/27 on.

20 times = Extra Hot Water
23 times = Extra Water
26 times = Extra Interim Rinse
27 times = Improved Drying

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Thanks for the help.

I finally figured out how to program the dimension model. For those of you who are interested, you have to hold on to the program button while you turn on the dishwasher. That would take you into the programming mode to add in extra water fill and add thr second interim Rinse. Just scroll through the one screen LED prompt until you find the option you want to change.

I am testing the second interim rinse right now on normal wash. It looks like they have fixed the issue on this model. They normal wash will now perform the 2nd rinse.

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