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heydeborahNovember 27, 2005

ok, it's been a terrible week for alot ofus!! but, there must be some good things going one! i for one know that i really,really LOVE my family more than they'll every know! our son will be moving back home very shortly, he has been promoted at work, my daughter and i have gotten closer, if that's possible -lol, and Al, seems so much calmer and happier! Plus after that freezing weather we've had it's going to go up to44 for the next few days! Since, i think you all are having Thanksgiving and going shopping (it;s our bigGrey Cup - football) tell us all about your long weekend, we need some good stuff!!!! debbie - who think's she's in the tropics with this weather!

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had a wonderful food filled T'giving Day - no one got upset w/anyone, I have my house all decorated for Christmas (that's a first - usually I start decorating 12/20) - the cats haven't destroyed any decorations so far...the laundry is done, I colored my hair and I have decided to give everyone that I haven't already shopped for gift cards.

Hope things get better and better for you....its sad about your MIL but I know the situation was stressful for you and Al - hoping the stress level gets better - sounds like you are really happy about DS coming back home.


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Oh Debbie! I'm so glad your DS is coming home and a promotion too! Life certainly does go in cycles.
We spent Thanksgiving in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Our three sons, our daughters-in-law, and darling 3 year old grandson were all there. It was the first holiday in four years that we were all together and it was heaven!! I've been so sad for so long, well it just felt wonderful to laugh and talk and love and to feel so loved. I will remember this holiday for a very, very long time,

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So glad that you all had a wonderful holiday!!! i think if dd could she'd live on turkey!(so expensive here- 299 a pound!). i guess we'll start decorating for Christmas on the first, i was told my Aldon't bring an more Christmas stuff into the house, there's too much stuff, who could have too much!!!-lol. i took the dog out at 6 this morning and there was a tiny sprinkling of snow on the ground, plus it had rained all day yesterday, and right now we have a bit of a snow storm, some school buses aren't running, but we live about amile from the school, so dd went in, but scaring driving her! well it's off to make Al his breakfast (would love to be able to drive thru McD's-which is by the school and on my way home, but i could never get away with that, seems my day always starts off with dirty dishes - lol), so if it's raining or snowing, keep warm and drive safe!!!! debbie

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