1920's? dining room set--please help!!!

wijumNovember 6, 2006

Hello, I am looking to buy a dining room set from a friend. Right now she has the set in her store--thus the pictures have other merchandise in the pictures. Anyway, she cannot tell me age or anything about this set except that it is supposedly hard to find. I searched ebay and other sites selling antiques and cannot find anything like them.

The set includes a table (with 1 leaf) 5 side chairs and 1 captain's chair, a buffet, and a hutch. The underside of the table is stenciled "WALNUT"--but no other markings except some scribbles probably from the maker. The table is in great condition, has angled corners (I forgot to get a picture of the complete top =( --looks to be solid wood. The only laminated or layered wood I could find was the splat of the chair back. The leaf (at least the one she says matches--does not appear to go with the set and has a laminated top. The interior of the hutch and buffet is solid wood--all very nice. The exterior of all pieces have a few nicks and normal wear. One chair back top is cracked/split. I really like the set--but want to know more about it. Is it really worth $2800--what she is asking? Please give any ideas of age or style of set. She is calling it Jacobean--but doesn't look like any other Jacobean sets I have seen.

Thanks, Wendy




Table legs

Table top edge--middle side

Captains chair

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That set is typical of 1930's style...perhaps one of the many 'Jacobean" revivals...but none the less none too old.
I would not be even thinking of paying $2800!!
Waaay too mmuch money for a not top of the line 1930's piece.
The "walnut" stenciled on the underside, meant walnut stained....not walnut wood...likely it's just bass wood or as one dealer I respected a lot used to say .."tree wood"...meaning wood from a tree.
Linda C

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Nancy zone 6

This is a bit nicer version of a walnut veneered table & chair set my husband & I bought used when we were first married. We paid about $150 then, but I have seen several similar sets in antique stores. Ours was apparently middle/low range, but antique/used furniture stores usually sell the table & 4-6 chairs for less than $800. I have only seen one with a buffet, & that wasn't a lot more. Personally, I think it seems high, but that depends on how much you like it. I loved my table, it simply pulled apart to reveal flip up leaf.

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Thank you both for your advice. I was shocked at the price at first too. However, I have not been able to find anything close to this style in the 20th century Jacobean dining room sets that I see all over (which I think are quite ugly). This set has softer lines and not so heavy legs. It also has the ebonized details. Have you seen anything on those lines? Could you point me to some that I could look at on the internet? I do believe that the wood is walnut as I have a few other walnut pieces--I could be wrong. What do you think a reasonable price would be? Thanks, Wendy

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I forgot to ask, what do you think of this set? Is it worth $2500? I don't like the style nearly as well, but it looks like nice furniture. Can't tell if it is truly victorian or a recent remake. Thanks again.

Here is a link that might be useful: craigslist dining set

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Personally -- I LOVE the second set. Much Much nicer set. In my market in the midwest -- it might be priced a little high because walnut doesn't seem to be selling at auction. But 15 years ago it would have been twice that price at a shop.

I would jump on it. It looks to be a quality set and worth every penny. Much nicer quality than what you had been looking at -- I'd be surprised if it was a re-make because of the shape of the chairs. Rough guess would be 1880 -- can't really tell without looking at it.

Linda will know better on that one.

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Remake....but wonderful quality it looks like....and for $2500 a steal!
Walnut sells very well at the auctions I attend!...Particularly if it's "ready to go" as the auctioneer says...meaning no restoration necessary.
I would guess that set at about 1960 os so date....and very VERY nice....The stule of the buffet is not of the period with the carved pulls....but the chairs look old...but whatever....it's a knock out!
Linda C

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Nancy zone 6

The first was nice, but I LOVE the 2nd set, just my personal taste!

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Linda -- for some reason, the last few auctions I have gone to were loaded with walnut furniture that sold very cheap. I saw a beautiful Eastlake dresser -- marble top, hankie boxes, lamp brackets, orginal mirror --- needed to be cleaned but not refinished -- sell for $125.

I also saw a beautiful cherry drop leaf table sell for $80 and another small marble top dresser sell for under $100. I got 4 walnut chairs -- caned backs and seats for $50 -- one seat needs to be replaced.

This was a well advertised auction in western Illinois -- but the furniture went incredibly cheap. Well well under auctioneers estimates. It was very bizzare.


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I wish i had been there!!!!!

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I was shocked. I had expected the prices to sky-rocket -- so I kind of ignored some of the pieces that I should have been bidding on! And of course, the piece I really wanted was the very last item on the sale.

It was a glass front kitchen cabinet -- two drawers -- 4 doors. Perfect china cupboard. Had a dirty rough finish --but no paint on the exterior. Was advertised as walnut but it is chestnut. I have seen them go for $800-$1000 years ago in far worse condition. The market has dried up a bit in the midwest but I got it for a steal at $300.

I saved a lot of money but I sure missed out on some real bargains!


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Ok--so what about this set? I really like the table and chairs and sideboard. If I could only talk them into relisting it and allowing shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay dining set

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I like the walnut set a lot better.....
And...notice you don't see any pictures of the top of the table? I suspect it's in rough shape.
Jesup Iowa is about 90 miles from me....funky little town....and I mean little!!!
Linda C

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Hello Linda C--
I have decided against the first set. Thanks for the nudge. I still havent heard back from the craiglist ad in spokane. I found another set on ebay that I like. Not sure how to go about finding shipper. Any ideas? Do you like this set? It is Berkley and Gay--very nice shape.
Thanks, Wendy

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay dining set #2

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I don't like that 1930 style of furniture...sorry....reminds me of some lousy quality stuff my grandmother had....
I can't really give an objective opinion.
But I LOOOOVE the walnut with the carved pulls!
Linda C

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technical help please: when i click on your links i get to photo bucket but then what do i do to see your pictures...thanks, i am new to all of this

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Looking up info, found your site. I have a 1920 TUDOR style 9 piece dinning room set made of Walnut. Set does nees to be re-finished. What would be a fair price to ask for the 9 pieces? (Table, 6 chairs, buffet and china cabinet. )

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I have a Beautiful Antique Dining Set for sale
6 Chairs / new fabric on seats (1 kings chair w/arms)
1 Large Table w/leaf (custom pad included) 60" x 41" & 15" Leaf that hides from underneath table
1 Large Buffet
1 Small Buffet
1 China cabinet
($2500 or best offer)
Langhorne, PA area
If interested, I can e-mail you pictures!

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On the site below you can find Jacobean dining chairs from the C1900's with the most beautiful carving to tops. Maybe this one is what you're looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: jacobean dining chairs for sale

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