Help identifying antique tea set

rattled56November 16, 2010

My mother found a tea recently and was wondering about it.She thinks it is from the 1950's but really don't know for sure. It's the full set, made in japan. I was just wondering if any one knew anything about it or knows a place to find more information...thanks in advance.


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This is Moss Rose Pattern.
There were many manufacturers of this pattern.
It's lovely!
I have a set that I received from my Grandmother.

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Moss rose has been made by many makers since the early 18th century. Early makers were some of the Haviland/Limoges potters as well as early English potters. It was made in porcelain as well as ironstone.
Your set is much later and, as you see made in Japan. I don't know that back stamp, the paper crane, but by the gold trim I think it's fairly recent, perhaps 1950's but perhaps even later.
Linda C

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