Need ideas for 60th Anniv gift for parents in nursing home

mary_228November 10, 2005

My husband is travelling to NY to visit his parents on their important day. I'm wondering what gift to get them. I've already baked some sweet treats, and his two sisters take care of the day to day needs.

Mom has dementia and rarely opens her eyes. Dad lives in the independent living unit but has trouble walking because of pain in his legs.

Dad has some bitterness toward DH because of some legal shananigans the oldest sister undertook and DH (and the other sister) fought, unsuccessfully. So hopefully, this visit will help heal some old wounds as well.

Any thoughts? I only have one day to make this happen.

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Is Dad able to read? How about some books, or a subscription to a favorite magazine?

For Mom, since she rarely opens her eyes, how about a CD player (boombox) with some nice relaxing classical CDs? Music therapy is a big part of nursing home life; often patients who respond to no other stimuli will respond to music.

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Are you crafty-this site has some ideas that are simple but sound good

Here is a link that might be useful: gifts for the elderly

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Thanks for the ideas.

I've decided on a wall hung picture frame with 5 sections that I'll fill with family photos, an alarm clock/CD player/radio and Big Band CD collection. It's small enough that he can bring it down to Mom's for her to listen to occasionally. And he'll bringing one of our VCRs for Dad to use in his room with his TV. The activites dept has lots of VHS tapes residents can borrow.

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Does he have a photo album of the family? If not, fix one up and make it as a gift to both of them. He may enjoy going over the pictures with her even though she may not respond. Pictures of familiar places around town and neighbors and friends would be nice too.

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