how to take care of my griefing inlaws

divya_gauravNovember 6, 2010

my husband died in a aircrash.he was very much attached to his family specially to his mom.he promised his mom that he will take care of her in old age.i was never so much attached to his when he is not there i realised that taking care of his parents is my responsibility.but i dont know how to do it specially when i am staying away from them due to my job.they are in so much grief and at the same time even i m in grief and shock.please help me out.

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Since you are from India, Most of the posters here would be unfamiliar with what services would be available for them.

If they were in the USA, we could suggest organizations that you could contact. But we don't know anything about where you are.

Good luck to you. It's going to be a hard time.

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thanx alot.i am just so lost ,as it seems he want me to take care of them and take responsibility of his family but my grief is making me feel helpless.

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The most important thing that you MUST remember, is that you have to take care of your own needs first. While it is very good of you to want to take care of your husband's people, I am sure he would not want you to put their lives before your own.

Do what you can. But remember, that you should be around a lot longer than they will be and you must plan for your future.

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I hope this doesn't sound so cruel and heartless, but it was your husband's promise to them, not yours. You can be there for them in some things but you should not be responsible for all their needs. Are there other brothers and/or sisters? If so should they not be stepping in to help? Also, are your parents still alive? if so just remember you may have to take care of them some day also. Another thing comes to mind it sounds like both his parents are still alive and they do still have each other to help along. Also sounds like you are alone and if so it could take longer for your grieving process than theirs.
I totally and whole heartedly agree with agnespuffin.

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