I surrender - it's not ideal but real!

flynnnjFebruary 5, 2012

Due to space restrictions I need to put the microwave above the gas stove... I so wish it were different but it's really the best use for my very limited space and now my appliance dreams and wishes need to regroup...

I need your help with choosing more mainstream appliances -

I've budgeted $3-3500 for the OTR micro, gas stove and DW in stainless. Since property values have fallen ... and fallen... I really hesitate spending more and everyone, from real estate agents to kitchen design people, all agree. The townhouses with nice kitchens do sell faster but still way below value.

For a DW I'm leaning towards the KA KUDC10FXSS. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles and usually turn it on at night so noise won't bother us.

As far as the gas stove the dreamer in me wants a slide-in or the look of a slide-in with a warming/storage drawer to hold pots and pans. Good by Berta (too small & no bottom drawer) and NXR - no drawer and output too high for OTR.

My brother got a Frigidaire professional in electric and has been happy with it. I liked the looks of the GE Cafe plus the 5th burner as a griddle and the wok feature in the Kitchen Aide caught my eye.

THEN - I started to read reviews and now I am thoroughly overwhelmed and confused and NEED YOUR HELP!!!

I will try and post this in kitchens too.

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The Frigidaire Pro gets favorable reviews on AJMadison:


GE Profile also gets good reviews:


Good Luck!

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You can get certainly get a Berta with a bottom drawer.

Not to fear about NXR burners being powerful, an OTR microwave handles them fine.

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Oceangirl - yes, you're right; I remember seeing a Berta with the drawer but it was way beyond my budget. And I don't remember seeing any NXR with a drawer.

MichelleDT - I'll look at those reviews and then try to see them in person.

Funny - the stove in my house is from 1989, still works, but has chips, dings and is almond so.. good by stove. When I read reviews of newer stoves there seems to be so many problems, things going bad within a year or two... is it because of all the electronics, where they're put together ...

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In early December, we purchased a Frigidaire Professional Kitchen. It was a deal we couldn't pass up. We bought the range and fridge, the tol dishwasher and otr micro were thrown in. This was a promotion from Frigidaire, you may want to check if they are still running it. We have electric so went with their induction range, I love this range! It's as responsive as gas. I like the micro too, it's fast and even in cooking. Fan is quietist. We didn't install the dishwasher, Put in a Miele LaPerla that was a floor model instead.
All in all, Im very happy with the quality of this line.

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I highly recommend regrouping and an OTR microwave does NOT handle them fine. If that was the case, NXR would offer one.

That being the case, if you do choose to stick with the OTR microwave, you MUST get one with a handle instead of a push button. The heat, odor, grease, steam, and smoke are generated by a gas range at a rate that far exceeds the CFM output of any OTR microwave and with no basin to capture the affluent these particles will quickly affect the integrity of the door open button, along with leaving a thin film of residue everywhere that you may not notice until you go to sell your home and all you get are below market value offers.

It's not the townhouses with nice kitchens that are selling below market, it's the townhouses with OTR microwaves that are selling below value.

I don't know who you've been talking too, but you either have preconceived notions or the information being provided to you by designers is fluff because it contradicts the professionals I work with all day and every day. Agents are a different story, but I wouldn't talk to an agent if I was upgrading or remodeling, only if I was selling or buying.

IMHO, they are scared your gonna walk out the door as soon as you hear their proposal, so they are underselling you to meet your budget. OTR microwaves are the definition of underselling. What a crock.

My apologies if I sound crass, but I was not impressed but what I was hearing.

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If you are doing this in order to sell, bear in mind that you will probably only get back around %75 - %80 of what you will spend on the upgrade.

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I'm doing my kitchen because it's where I live, and cook and entertain. Resale will happen eventually but I have no idea when - and that is not my prime goal. It's about personal enjoyment.

As far as the OTR Microwave - all 300 units in this multi-age community were built that way. New over 55 communities being built nearby are varied. Those priced over $600,000 don't have them but anything under $500,000 does have the OTR microwave so mine would not be looked at as something undesirable. A 'mainstream' look with modest personalization and variations is what I'm looking to do.

Cabinet drawers, removing the soffit where possible and getting rid of the breakfast bar to open up the space will make me happy and catch the eye of any future buyers. I'm taking the kitchen out of the 80's while working within its footprint and not overspending.

If I can get back 75%-80% when I do resell that will be a bonus. Right now I want to create the best kitchen I can for ME working within the budget I've set, dealing with my needs, and yes, keeping an eye on the future ... because I know that things change ... often when we least expect them. I thought I'd live in my dream house forever and here I am - somewhere else - trying to create a new space that will be just as special in a new way.

So I'm going appliance shopping this weekend. Any help, guidance and wisdom that's offered from GW will be appreciated - I need a 30" stainless gas stove with a storage drawer, the infamous OTR microwave and a DW.

Now it's time to leave for work and look at the smiling faces of the children I teach - it's a beautiful scene outside - snow on the trees and lawns but black ice - I hope it melts before the children have to walk to school.

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