What is the emergency thing you can wear around your neck?

granjanNovember 23, 2005

I'm from the cooking forum and know that this forum is highly regarded so I came for help. My mother lives alone in a condo with a basement. She refuses to let us get a small washer-dryer for the upstairs and we all woryy about her falling when carrying laundry. (Or at other times.)

We have heard of devices that you can wear around your neck that will call for help but don't know what they are called or how to find them. Or even if they are a national thing; she lives in Iowa.

Can any of you help me find out how to look into something like this? Many thanks for your time.

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It's Lifeline, Janet. There is a national organization, but it's also local. When we test Mother's, the person who answers is in a national call center. If there is a problem, they have numbers to call. In Mother's case, it's the front desk at her complex, where she has assisted living services. If Mother were not there, they would probably call the local hospital or EMT or whatever is available in the area.

We pay $37/month directly to the Hospital's volunteer Guild, who runs the local program.

In short, you need to call the local hospital nearest to your Mother in Iowa. They'll know! There may be another system besides Lifeline, but it will be administered by your local hospital.

Isn't it a worry to be so far away? I understand that!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lifeline

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The only caveat I have to say is that Lifeline only works if the person is conscious and can press the button to summon help. If the person is unconscious, or suffers from confusion/dementia and doesn't know what to do, this won't help.

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Also Life ALert. But like I mentioned, check your local first-responders and they'll tell you what they use locally.

Here is a link that might be useful: LifeAlert

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Thanks for the prompt responses. She isn't confused or we wouldn't let her live alone. And I know she must be conscious to use these devices, but that's our biggest fear, that she be aware and in pain with no way to summon help.

Of course there is no way to make sure she actually wears it all the time! But she might do it if she knows we are paying money!

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There are also some programs that help cover the cost of the Lifeline program, depending on your mom's income and resources.

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Check with your local hospitals. One of ours has their own system. One of the things they do is to call (if the client wants the service) every morning at a certain time to check on their well-being.. If they don't answer the phone, someone is sent to check.

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And actually, you might want to call your local Council on Aging and see if they offer this telephone check-in service. A neighboring town does this, and one of the seniors in my church choir gets a phone call each day to see how she is. I assume that if there is no answer, they either call a designated neighbor or family member (unless the senior has notified the caller that he/she would not be home).

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