Do you use your steam oven or speed oven?

nadianycFebruary 17, 2014

Hoping to hear from folks who have a regular oven, steam oven and speed oven: Do you use them all equally or is there one that you realize now, may be a waste of space. Doing an entirely new kitchen but space is somewhat limited. Will have 36 inch gas cooktop with double wall ovens. Trying to decide between double traditional ovens or one traditional and one speed or steam. Thanks G-webers!

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I don't have a steam oven, I don't care for steamed food,
a bit "bland for me", but that is just "My Tastes"~~~Your's may "vary" LOL!

I have had an Electrolux Speed oven for over 7 years now and it is our most used appliance. We eat a lotta baked taters and it's nice to have them done in 14 minutes, (Including preheat), rather than in the regular oven which takes 45 mins ~~~ to an hour. I use it for baking, grilling, doing toast, ~~~~ U name it!

I would never be without one!


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I use my steam oven all the time, but I don't really think that is useful information to _you_. What kind of cooking do you do? How often do you cook? Are you feeding a family of 2 or a family of 5?

I will say that with a steam oven there will be a bit more of a learning curve than a speed oven. Most speed ovens are very easy to use. Many have menus that let you pick the type of food you're cooking and the quantity and boom, you sit back and relax while it does its job. Are you willing to experiment and learn more about a different type of cooking? Do you have time to do that?

Like speed ovens, steam ovens are quite versatile, particularly combi steam ovens (these have convection too). They are not just for steaming vegetables as Gary makes them sound. I like them a lot for roasting, for the past few years I've done the Thanksgiving turkey in mine and each time they've come out quick and delicious. Another use is reheating. Leftovers taste great heating in there vs. a microwave. Though if you're going to be doing mainly reheating, a speed oven might be a better bet.

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I cook every day for a family of 5. Both types of ovens sound wonderful, just trying to figure out which I'd use more often. Leaning towards speed oven.

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There have been several posts here in GW, where "said posters" claimed, you can get the "Same effect" as a steam oven by merely putting in a tray of water in a regular oven.

Most likely, these posters did not have a "real steam oven"
so they could do a "Real A/B comparison", but it might be worth the effort to try the water tray trick in your present oven and see if you "get the cooking effects", you are looking for?

You may also want to try to find those posts, to read them for yourself, or ask the posters of same to "Expound a bit", on their experiences?


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There is nothing you can do in a steam oven that you can't do in a regular oven, or with another method of cooking. It just makes your life easier. Isn't that the point of all high end appliances?

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If we were to redo our kitchen, I would get a steam oven and speed oven combo.
I was gifted with the cuisinart combo-oven (countertop) and love it. Since steam ovens can be used as a regular oven, a convection oven, a steam oven, or any combination, why not splurge on that. Of course, budget may be an issue and I don't know how much prices have or will come down on steam ovens.

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We haven't "steamed" that much in our combi oven. We do use moisture when baking bread, roasting vegetables, roasting chicken. And actually steamed some veggies a couple of times,and fish. I've steamed idly, but that is just as easy (and good) done in a pot on the cooktop. Flan is still just a plan.

I wouldn't bother with a just steam version like the Miele non-combi.

Incredible for reheating chow fun -- better than fresh.

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i have a turbo chef and a capital 48" range. i use them equally, although i will only roast meats (especially turkey for holiday meals) in the turbo chef. my 20lb Christmas bird was finished in an hour and three minutes; the skin was brown and crisp and the meat -even the breast, was moist and juicy. i waited until everyone arrived to start roasting. my mother in law is still trying to figure out how i pulled that off.

i don't have a steam oven, so can't comment on them.

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