Stamped Colored Asphalt

MichelleDTJanuary 24, 2012

Ok - paving experts...what are your thoughts on stamped colored asphalt? We just stumbled on several sites and they look amazing and from what we have read, can be a fraction of the cost of colored stamped concrete.

We have stamped color concrete now and have to seal it every fall...we also don't like the shiny finish. From our initial research, seems the asphalt may be less maintenance.


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I'm not an expert but our builder ran the idea of stamped colored asphalt as an option for our driveway by us at one point. The pictures from the brochures and web site looked great. Our builder did a little more research and decided that the driveways of some of the homes in the area that had used stamped asphalt didn't look so great after a couple of years.

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Stamped asphalt is a great option for driveways. As for cost it is usually around half the cost of real brick pavers, and a third less than stamped concrete. This of course depending on your specific driveway project. So it is the least expensive decorative option in terms of cost.

As for maintenance you do not need to reseal it like you do with your stamped concrete. You stamp and coat it once and that's it. No resealing or recoating every couple of years. That is unless you want to. And stamped asphalt doesn't have that shiny finish you don't like. But make sure you get stamped asphalt with quality and the right coatings, and not just some "paint". The proper stamped asphalt coatings add to the less maintenance you were talking about. Best of luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Driveway Impressions specializes in stamped asphalt

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Thanks for the response. From everything I have read it looks to be a viable solution. We are forcing the issue as I would rather spend the extra $$'s on the inside of the home.


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