Dearest Friends.....

heydeborahNovember 8, 2006

dear friends,when reading the first bunch of posts, i have noticed that there has been alot and too much sadness here, i wonder if our love ones have met each other as yet and said oh, my mom,dad,etc mentioned you from the GardenWeb, it's so nice that we finally get to meet each other, wouldn't that be nice.

i think that my old friends here, know that i am famous for our prayer circle. and to our new friends, yes, i love organizing it. the rules are simple, there is no sign up, and you can do it whereever you are. so if you are able to join me please do this Friday, nite at 7 pm, it doesn't matter what time zone you are (just go by your area). this circle can be for all the loved ones we have lost or just for someone who is ill, etc.


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thanks Debbie I will be with you Friday night.
And yes I think they are all up there now looking down on us saying we have all done a great job.
And I also belive there is a caregiver heaven for us also cant wait to get there and see you all love and hugs Deb

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Hi Debbie and All other's
I will be with you tonight at 7 pm.
Thanks for reminding us to be prayful.

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We have been so fortunate in our immediate family for so long that I feel that we are overdue for something. So I am here to join you in prayer, not only for those that need help, but also for those that have been blessed.

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Hey guys!!!
Sorry I missed the get-together. Hope all is well with you all..each one.

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