Please Recommend Seller for Adult Diapers?

jannieNovember 3, 2013

Can anyone recommend a seller of adult diapers? Preferably on-line volume seller. I'm tired of spending a small fortune on Depends at big name pharmacies. And running out after three days...I have inquired about getting my hubby Medicaid, but we're not ready to make that step yet.

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This thread is just a little down on this page.

Here is a link that might be useful: diaper sellers

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Once you decide on which brand works best, you might want to check, especially as a Prime member. We buy extensively through A/Prime all thru the year, so the 2-day (free) shipping is more than amortized for us. It is so much easier to shop on-line and checkout through A/Prime; you can do an order literally in less than 30 seconds.

We have had no security issues with A/Prime; this is one of the very, very few websites where I do leave my credit card on file.

For certain items, I use the "Subscribe & Save" where they ship automatically. If you don't need a shipment, you can always skip one - they send an email reminder, so it's easy.

Remember that some vendors charge sales tax and some don't, it depends on whether Amazon is shipping from their own warehouses or if the vendor is selling directly through A's Marketplace which is actually a separate entity for tax purposes. 2-day shipping is guaranteed only from Amazon's own warehouses; the Marketplace usually takes a couple of days to get the order and pack it up, then the shipping date is 2 days after that.

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A comment about not paying tax's on your purchase. Depending on what you are purchasing your own state may not tax but in some on the state tax form is a line where you enter amount of non-taxed purchases, mostly internet purchases, Then you are supposed to pay the missed taxes by April 15 each year. Some states have sued Amazon and other vendors to force them to collect taxes. Was in federal appeals court last time I saw anything in the news.

Using Amazon Prime if you purchase many items can save money on the shipping.

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Re: sales tax on on-line purchases:

Yes, that's why I pay sales tax on CA vendors who participate in Amazon's Marketplace. Any state where Amazon has a physical presence must collect sales tax; Amazon finally caved in to states' pressures.

However, IF the independent vendor has no physical presence in my state but is shipping it to me from another state, then I am NOT obligated to pay CA sales tax or report it on my state income tax.

Amazon always indicates any amount of sales tax if you go through the regular "cart" checkout. Or, if you're like me and use the One-Click ordering, it can be seen almost immediately under "Open Orders" - you have 30 minutes to cancel an order made in error.

Realistically? Sales tax is a modest amount and the benefits of:
- not having to drive my car around
- not having to find parking
- no schlepping all over a store looking for sometimes-obscure little items or a specific brand
- no waiting in line
- no dealing with surly check-out clerks
- most important: perusing user reviews to see if a new product I'm interested in, actually works as intended or if something else would work better (consumer reviewers can, and do, name other brands/models -- I've done it myself as one of Amazon's top consumer reviewers).

...all make Amazon Prime well worth using them for 85% of my non-grocery purchases.

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janie, i have large sized depends briefs i can send to you at a discounted price still boxed and in my home. shipping would need to be paid though. I have several cases. I used them for my mother and she passed away. If you used the Depend brief style in large size please let me know.

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Thanks, I found an on-line seller that's a good price.

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I am having to supply my 98 yr old grandmother with "Pads". She likes Poise but they are so expensive. I live out of her state of TX in TN so I would send them. Any other brand names come to mind? Also she wraps a paper towel around them too--she thinks a couple of drops that she needs to change. Driving me crazy! Help please.

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I've bought diapers for my handicapped daughter for years from or you can call their 800 number. they carry all brands and sizes and just about everything else you need. My daughter wears the second smallest size that is usually only sent to institutions, but they carry them. And I get great service and a reliable company.

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