china town elephant bottle opener

jaynboroNovember 22, 2010

i have googled this and searched, but cannot find one like it. anybody know any history of it?

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Is it brass? I looked under "bottle openers" usually they are ones with the "hook" to open the bottle, can you open a bottle with his trunk or not? Is it painted? Does it have a name on the other side like" Wilton" "Wright" "L&L" or "Gadzik" ? Could be under Souvenirs or just a mass produced item for those visiting San Francisco! I looked in a Kovels 2010 price guide, Schroeder's price guide 2003, Warman's Americana& Collectibles 6th ed. 1993,Warman's 38th ed. Antiques & Collectibles & CB's Garage Sale & Flea Market Collectibles 10th ed. so didn't find but 2 elephant ones & both use the "figure" to open the bottle. Yours may open it by using the lower piece that is kind of square or by using his trunk.If you can't use his trunk than he isn't a "true" bottle opener! Good Luck! Even the real old figurals are only worth under $100 (might be some rare ones worth more)& with economy bad probably lot less. It's cute tho so enjoy using it!!

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It appears to be white brass....which is an alloy with another name but I can't remember what that name is.
Yes it appears to open the bottle with the square part. Not sure why sunnyca seems to think only if the figure opens the bottle is it "real"...sure looks real to me.
Perhaps a souvenir from the 1915 world's fair?
Linda C

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