My dear Mom is gone.....

SLCSueNovember 15, 2005

I went to the office yesterday, but after a few hours of catching up what I had left undone last week, I went back to be with Mom. At 7:15pm she took a deep breath, and then the next one never came. It was so peaceful; she was here and then she was gone. I know her love continues because I still feel it. God is good.


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My sincere condolences to you and your family, Sue. She is at peace and you will feel her around you, be sure of that.

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Oh, Susan, my deepest sympathies are with you. I know how hard this has been, but you've been doing a wonderful job for your dear Mother. Your best memories will keep your Mother in your heart.


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Dear Susan... May God bless and comfort you and give you strength, hope, and peace for each day. ~abreeze

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Dear Susan:
My deepest condolences to you and your family. Your mom will always be with you, in your heart. Please know that you were her angel here on earth and she will be yours now.

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You are so right. Her love will always be with you to sustain you. She has reached her reward, with peace, and with you by her side.
Take care of yourself,

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I'm so sorry. Her long journey is over, and yours continues. You are strong and you have the love of your mother to sustain you. Take care of yourself.


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My sincere sympathies for your loss..I am new here but I do feel your pain. Remember she is at peace now and I hope you somehow find comfort.


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Dear Sue, yes God is Good! my deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. Please let us know when the day and time of the service so that we may join in prayer for her and your family. debbie

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My mom, ever the teacher, donated her body to the University Med.School, so future doctors and nurses can learn...there will be no funeral. This Friday from 1:30-3:30 there will be a memorial service and celebration of her life,and your prayers and thoughts would be so appreciated. You know, I have drawn so much comfort from this group, because as caregivers we understand the swings we have all gone through with our "cared-fors", and understand the special love and bond it creates. Thank you all so much. Susan

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Susan: Your mom was a special lady, indeed. I'll be thinking of you and your loved ones as you celebrate her life this Friday. Take care. Scotland

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Hi Susan my thoughts and prayers are with you and may your Mother rest in peace and peace be with you hugs Imabest

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Dear Susan:
I've been thinking about you. How did your mother's celebration of life go on Friday? I hope all went well...blessings to you,

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I am so very sorry for the loss of your Mom, and glad too that she went so peacefully.

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Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers. The memorial celebration went so well, a bright sunny day, people wrote condolence and memories on squares of vellum we provided, those who spoke each took a rose petal from the pink roses (Mom's favorites)and held it while they shared a rememberance, then placed it in a crystal bowl. I will make sachet's for my daughters from the petals. And we sent dozens of balloons sailing up toward the mountains with our love and wishes for Mom. My granddaughter made a collage of pictures of Mom from childhood, college, early wife and mothering, as well as recent pictures, and everyone enjoyed seeing them. All in all, a loving tribute. I am glad I made myself do it for her, when all I wanted to do was go to bed and pull the covers over my head.
Little sister breezed into town for Thanksgiving...maybe after the NY trip this week, I will be able to sort out my very mixed emotions about that!

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Hi Sue! What a wonderful celebration! I hope that my children will be like you when our time comes. i also think that a memorial celebration could be something happy, and i think you did that ten-fold, i'm sure your mom was smiling down at all of you! Debbie

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