Holiday Gift for Helpers

sistersunnieNovember 23, 2005

Okay, I have three women and 1 man that are paid sitters for my husband. All do a wonderful job and are paid well. I would like to give them something for a Holiday gift BUT I cant afford much.What would be appropriate but affordable? I know there are guidelines that suggest a cash gift of 1 weeks salary, NO WAY! After their hourly wages, meds, co pays, etc, I am really strapped.

I was wondering if a holiday planter and a local eatery gift certificate for around $20.-$25.00 would seem cheesy? Any thoughts? Does anyone else do something for their helpers? If so what?



Thoughts and prayers-


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Hi Sunnie! well when we had the VON's (nurses who came in) i either did give a holiday plant and because i quilt i have also made small wallh angings or crocheted angels andone year i made very small crossstitch angels and put them in a small round frame. i think whether it's a card or box of chocolates or a candle i think anyone would be happy to just be remembered. debbie

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I think that would be quite alright. They understand how tight money can be. The only other thing I might suggest would be a gift certificate for a ham or turkey or even just $25.00 worth of groceries.

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we (Rusty and I) do a gift certificate and I think my sister does also, so they probbly get about $50.00 I have no idea what my Father gives them. Carolyn

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I thihnk what you suggest sounds fine,Sunnie. In-home care givers have an understanding of what the family circumstances are like. You have to plan for the long-run. I would be wary of starting something you can't keep up.

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Well I sat down to do the budget for the next few months and for the holiday. They will be getting either a beautiful little planter that I make out of old/dainty orphaned cream pitchers/ gravy boats and sweetheart ivy (cause they are sweethearts) or a pretty little cup and saucer with tea, stirrer and baked cookies OR a bouquet of lifesavers (cause they're our lifesavers). There just isnt any extra $$ and I hope per your comments that they understand!


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