Miele owners: Diff btwn Diamond and Dimension Plus in reality?

akcorcoranFebruary 3, 2013

Hi - I've done some pretty extensive researching and calling and think we're going to take the Miele plunge. We know we want the Auto Opening feature to help dry our plastics (and that the Dimension plus secretly has that feature though it's mentioned nowhere but the operating manual.)

I wanted to ask the practical differences between the Diamond and Dimension Plus to make it worth $700 more?

Ruling out LED lights (cool, but not necessary for us) - are there settings that would really help our family? The only thing I noticed was an "express" feature on the Diamond but are the rest programs that I'll never use.

We are a family of four that loads the dishwasher and typically hits Normal and Start. (have jet dry and all that jazz, just don't go crazy with the programs.)

And for China and Crystal, we have a Bosch going in our wet bar which is where all the china and crystal lives.

So, looking at the chart, I'm thinking the fully-integrated Dimension Plus unless anyone can give me a really good reason to move up the latter? I love Diamonds (they are my birthstone!) but would spend that $700 elsewhere. :-)

Attached the Miele Comparison chart!


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The Diamond include the Miele 5 year warranty, which is worth $250. I know the racks are similar between the Diamond and Dimension Plus, but I'm not sure if they're exactly the same.

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Also, some people in here with the previous La Perla model say they use the Sensor Wash most of the time, since it automatically adjusts the wash time based on how dirty the load is. It does this by using a turbidity sensor. The Diamond has this sensor wash, the Dimension Plus does not.

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fauguy, thanks for the info. It's so hard b/c it's hard enough to find one Miele to see, much less compare them side by side. I appreciate your insight - thx!

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