Honed marble shower and rust stains

mtnrdredux_gwFebruary 17, 2012

My shower stall has a wall of honed white marble mosaic.

Our home was uninhabited for about 18 months during reno. We have well water that is treated extensively (our basement looks like a mad scientist's lab). At some point the water became rusty. The shower wall now has a rusty hue where the shower water hits it.

Have you had success removing rust in this situation (I have already googled and learned about lemon, vinegar, baking powder, etc. .... but I am wary about some of this info; doesn't acid etch?)

Thanks in advance.

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First off, your stone is honed, so it wouldn't show etching as much as it would if it were polished, but yes, I'd be hesitant to ise lemnon juice or vinegar, as well, for the same reasons. You might need to use some kind of poultice to pull the stain out. There'[s a girl used to hang out in the Kitchens forum (don't know if she still does) that went by "Stonegirl". She's a wizard with making up stain specific poultices. She's in another tile and stone forum and goes by Granitegirl over there, but I can't JOHN give the name of the forum because all of the sudden Ivillage doesn't like em, but you just need to take the BRIDGE to the other side of the web! :-)

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Sorry-- turettes. :-)

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Too funny Bill.

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Thanks very much BIll. Hoping you find treatment, too. : )

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We have an old shower made of 3 1/2 giant slabs of Carrera. It was probably added in the 1920's, so the surface is as honed as can be. When we moved in, I tried EVERYTHING to get some ancient rust stains out. I didn't worry about etching because there really was no way to make it look any worse. After about two years of scrubbing with this and that, I decided to try Bar Keeper's Friend. (Liquid not powder.)It didn't work UNTIL I left it smeared over the stain for several hours, then scrubbed with a Magic Eraser. (The Magic Eraser did nothing on it's own.) VOILA! The stains are finally gone!

Maybe you could test this method on a small area.

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shanghaimom, thanks for this tip. We have an older guest bathroom with marble shower walls. Will try this in there.

Thanks for your comments on my bathroom re-do, and good luck on yours! If it turns out anything like your lovely kitchen it will be just beautiful.

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