Any experiences with Induction Adapter Plates?

Moebius01February 17, 2013

So I've been lurking around these forums for a while as I've been researching an upcoming induction cooktop purchase.

On the cooktop front, we're narrowing in on the Electrolux 30". It seems all they have now is the Icon series, EW30IC60LB is the model I believe. Most of the reviews I've seen around the Elux are good, it's in the price range we're hoping for, and my wife likes the wave touch over just plus and minus buttons.

That said, she also has some cookware that she's loathe to get rid of (some good Calphalon pieces mainly). The majority of our stuff is stainless, but in the end there are a few pieces we'd like to hang on to, at least until we find induction friendly counterparts.

At first, she was demanding a hybrid, but as those seem to be going the way of the dodo, I suggested the idea of an adapter plate. Now I know they won't have the responsiveness of the induction in general, but does anyone have good experience using them? Are there ones that work better, or might be friendly with the Elux, any tips on working with them?

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This has been discussed a number of times here but the thing is usually referred to as a "disk" rather than a "plate." Try the search box at the bottom of the page using "induction + disk." Also, I think there was a recent discussion on this at chowhound, as well.

Basically, Cook's Illustrated liked the Max Burton disk but not other brands. CI concluded that the MB disk makes an induction burner function like a radiant electric and it works fine for medium heat things like pancakes for non-induction cookware. The MB disks are available from Amazon, Chef's Catalog, etc.

Don't recall reading any threads specific to the Elux induction cookops or induction ranges.

IIRC Chowhound reviews were mixed, as might be expected, but conclusions were in line with the CI report..

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My expectation is that you will use the non-induction (plus plate/disk) less and less, and finally get rid of all non-induction pans.

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Thanks for the updates. I had been searching with plate as the key and wasn't getting too much data to work with. I'll poke around on disk as the keyword. The one thing I was curious about is out and about on the web I kept finding people referring to the adapters causing overheating and the like. Wouldn't want to "fry" a hob if that was the case.

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I have induction and have tried using a plate. I was making jams and wanted to use some of my big aluminum pots as well as my induction-ready stainless. I found that the plate worked fine for transferring heat, but all the advantages of induction were nullified. The pots heated and cooled way too slowly.

I never tried to heat anything to very high temperatures using the plate so I never got the cooktop to shut down. As attofarad says, after a while you just give up and get more induction-ready pots. I still have my big collection of Calphalon which is slowly being gifted to friends.


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I tossed my one Calphalon pan to the curb.

Using the plate is like putting a pan inside another pan. slow response and a lot of wasted thermal mass.

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You might want to check with the cooktop maker.. many of the manufacturers specifically recommend NOT using any of these plates.

As noted above the thermal transfer is poor and the if the plate overheats the internal electronics have safetys that will reduce or shut off the power.

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