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LogfrogNovember 12, 2005

Just in case some of you are interested in the adventures of me and my hearing aid. I went to visit the House of Grandkids yesterday. What used to be an ordeal of sound is much better. The individual voices can be heard and understood. Should any of you or your loved ones ever need an aid, think about the behind the ear kind. I never was interested in finding out about aids before, but this seems to give the best sound. Of course, I know it depends on how good the audiologist is when he/she sets it up.

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I'm VERY happy for you! And it's so nice to hear something positive said about hearing aids. The only personal experience I have is with my MIL, and it is all negative. I won't go into it all, but she started with one in each ear, then refused to wear either, then switched audiologists and found out she's completely lost her hearing in one ear but was told if she wore an aid in that ear with a small antennae, it could pick up sound from the other ear (I'm not sure I have that right)...well, she's refusing that type of aid, because she doesn't like the way it looks (she'll be 89 in about one week). I just don't get it, I really don't. She has so much trouble hearing. It's obvious she is missing out on most conversations when we are with her. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you are having success with yours. Enjoy your grandchildren!!! Mimi

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