8 Way Hand Tied Chairs - stuffed with horse hair

truelifeNovember 18, 2012

I have a pair of antique slipper chairs that are 8 way hand tied, olive green with gold thread, and are filled with horse hair. How can I learn more about their worth?

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Find more words to describe them and put those terms into google.
Like exposed wood frame? Style? Walnut? Carved? Tufted? Olive green what? What do you know of provenance? Condition?
Lots of more information needed to even tell you where to go to look.

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I'm sorry - I'm not into antiques at all. A friend gave them to me because they didn't fit on a moving truck. ;) There is an exposed wood frame, they are walnut, are not carved, and they are tufted. They are an olive green upholstery with gold thread. One is in excellent condition, and one has a hole in the cushion that is the size of a half dollar. There are no stamps, letters, etc anywhere on the chairs.

I've tried several Google searches, and after a couple hours I didn't find anything that gave me any clues.

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Here is another picture of the chair in the worst condition. Sorry for the bad quality of the pic - my camera started acting funny.

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Still can't determine the basic style...I see nothing that indicates antique nor horsehair. The words "victorian" or "eastlake" or Louis XIV or regency would help with the search....but you have to post better pictures....so far all I see is green with a hole, part of a back and springs and stuffing.
How about the top of the back? the shape of the leg?...as a start.

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I believe the sinuous spring construction that holds the tied strings to the frame indicates relatively modern construction. The "fruitwood" color of the frame and upholstery says to me that these chairs are semi-antique or vintage, probably 1950s-1960s.

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They are definitely modern, old but not antiques. Sinuous springs came into use about the 50's or 60's.

BTW, you can't "8 way hand tie" sinuous springs. That can only be done with coil springs.

As an upholsterer, I've had to explain that to many customers.

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There does appear to be coil springs attached to the sinuous strings, so there may be some hand tied springs shaping the seat contours, but since sinuous strings are used instead of an older type "deck" on these chairs, that pretty much puts the chairs post WWII, since sinuous sprigs were patented sometime in the late 1930s I think.

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I* see coil springs in that chair, under the wiggly ones.

Maybe added because the coils lost therir springiness?

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