Anyone own an AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker?

kam76February 20, 2013

Not sure if you would really consider it an appliance, but not sure where else to post this.

It seems to have gotten mostly good reviews. I am trying to cut down on my espresso stand habit and thought this might help.

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I'm not a coffee drinker, but my husband is. He's had it for a couple years and really likes it. Says he can tell the difference when using this method over others.

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I have casually seen one used once, and I have looked closely at the parts. My SIL has one. It is essentially a big syringe with a filter on the end. I gather that the medium filter still lets some fine particles through, but there is an extra fine reusable metal filter that prevents most of those fines. I would expect it to make a very nice cup of strong coffee.

Well, I guess it could slow your drinking down since it only makes single cups and it is a little difficult to set up each time.

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We have had one for years. It makes a great cup of coffee. I've never had particles in my coffee when using it. The only drawback is pulling the plunger out to make a second cup--it can be hard to manage for the elderly or anyone who has trouble with gripping things. Overall, it's really great.

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I love my aeropress! Admittedly, I'm a lo-tech type of person, but it is so easy to use, and much much easier to clean than practically any other coffee maker available. The only time I had coffee bits come through the filter is when it is ground wayyyy too fine - standard expresso grind works fine.

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It's a nice little one-cup coffee maker, and portable too. Takes a little practice.

It is not, however, an espresso maker! Espresso needs about nine bars pressure.

More discussion and guide at the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: aeropress guide at Sweet Maria's

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Love ours - it has really changed my perception of what coffee should taste like. I was happy with the drip coffee maker, but it started leaking, and I knew this was popular back in the UK. Figured, for the price, it would be worth trying and now I'm definitely converted.
Went online to read about it, and we use the 'upside down' method, which is definitely easier: search Youtube for instructions on that.

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