Wood floor in bathroom?

jackson2348February 6, 2014

I'm considering continuing our wood floors into the master bath. I've seen gorgeous pictures on Houzz, of course.

We aren't really messy people, and I think would tend to clean spills/splashing. If there's a leak, I think the water would travel along the slab into the BR or Closet, so we'd be tearing up hardwood anyway.

Have you lived with wood in the bathroom? Would you do it? Any other thoughts I should consider? Thanks for any and all advice!

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I've posted here many times how much I love my oak bathroom floor (a fairly new remodel when they were added). The have a Swedish finish, water just pools up, as if on formica. They look beautiful and are very easy to clean (the finish is so smooth, nothing can stick and dust just floats off it.

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We have American Cherry in a half bath/laundry room and are putting the same in our new Master bathroom. 10 years and no issues and I love it.

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My master bathroom has the wide pine flooring, and I absolutely love it. It's very warm, so no cold floor in the winter; put a coating of an oil mix (trying to remember exactly what it is). No polyurethane, just the oil mixture. So my floors are not shiny but rather soft looking, more satin-y. Water just beads up because of the oil. I use a Haan electric steam mop to clean all of my pine floors. Haan is the only one that gets to 212 degrees, hot enough to kill germs. Love that too! No chemicals or trash!

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Those are some beautiful floors! Thanks for sharing your pics and words of wisdom.

We are doing pine too, tibbrix. I'd love to do an oil finish in the bath, but we're running them through most of the house and I'm leaning toward poly. I think the finish should be the same as adjoining rooms.

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Would you like me to take, and post, a pic of my bathroom floor? it'll be of just along the shower/tub and in front of the toilet. Bath is small, kind of squeezed in when connecting two outbuildings from a farm to make the house!

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Lottery Ticket, are you on CC?

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Oh tibbrix! That is beautiful, thanks so much for posting. We are doing antique as well, now you have me considering the one with all the knots! Just gorgeous, and I'm glad to hear it's performed so well in the bath.

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It was in when I bought the house, so I can't take credit. I believe what you are looking for is called Heart Pine. I do love the way it looks and the warmth of it, but I also love that it's not cold in the winter and isn't slippery when it's wet.

I also highly, highly recommend getting that Haan steam mop floor cleaner, not one of the fancy ones. I got the second one up from the bottom, @ $100. Best thing I've ever used on floors; machine wash the two pads it comes with. You never have to guy floor cleaning anything ever again, and this things does a better job. It even gets dog pee completely out of rugs. Just let it sit there and let the steam blow in there for a bit. One of the best products I've bought in a while. And no, I do not work for Haan! but I'm glad I selected the Haan because I've since learned it's the only one that reaches the really hot 212 degrees to kill germs, really get stains up, etc. On wood you don't want to set it while it's on, though. Just heat it up on the pad they give you (under a minute), then slowly move it across the floor. This is the one I got, but they have a lot of selections. and with the Haan, you don't have to pump it to get the steam to come out, like the Shark, for example. I've also read good things about the Hoover steam mop.

Here is a link that might be useful: Haan Steam Mop

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Btw, that is the flooring in my entire house,except for the the other full bath (the 1/2 bath also has it) and the cooking part of my small galley kitchen. I was thrilled the first time I saw the house and saw all the wide pine flooring. But so were ALL of the ceilings. It was a bit much, so I painted the MB and kitchen ceilings white, left the pine beams unpainted, though. Pine is very soft, though, and hard for dogs to walk on. It also scratches easily, so keep that in mind.

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What is CC?

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Comedy Channel? Crack cocaine?

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I have 5 inch antique heart pine finished with Waterlox in my powder room (our only main floor bathroom). I love it. My only issue is that we have a gravel driveway, and the dirt tends to track inside - so I tend to see foot prints on the floor in there when it snows and everyone tracks in a little moisture on their shoes. But it's gorgeous, even when it has a few footprints!

Always ;-)

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Brazilian cherry is on the floor in my master bath and in our "public" powder room, it's been in for over 15 years and is fine. No worries.

One consideration is if your toilet tank sweats in the humid summer. Address that issue or the condensate dripping off the tank could affect the floor around the toilet.

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Original wood flooring sitting on beams in every room including bath. No probs in bath.

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Wood is fine. But take a look at some of the porcelain tile that looks like wood planks. Best of both worlds. I had a wood bathroom floor that just came out, it lasted about 30 years but the last 10 it did show some warped boards and some water staining. Properly done tile will last until you get tired of it. Use epoxy grout and it will look like new forever.

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