Bosch DWs: normal versus auto load settings, rinse aid amount?

Derek87February 1, 2012

i'm new to the world of Bosch and we'll be taking delivery on our Bosch 800 plus tomorrow (the lowest model 7ER). i see that it has two "regular" cleaning cycles: one labeled normal, the other labeled auto.

can any experienced users comment on using one versus the other. i know in principle what they mean, but is there any disadvantage to just using "auto"?

different topic: what's a good setting for the rinse aid if one is already using something like Powerballs which include a rinse aid, and their water is softened or soft? (we'll be using the water softener)

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I have the 500 series, but I don't think it functions any differently than the 800. I generally leave mine on Auto. I think if you read the manual it'll probably suggest the Auto setting for most washes and just let the machine do its job. Sometimes I'll override it for a quick wash.

For rinse aid, I leave it on 1. I started with 3 and then lowered it with successive washes. It has always dried well and my glasses come out clear, even at 1 so I leave it there.

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I also have the 500...I often use the "auto plus" as I find it does a better job than the "normal" or "auto" setting. I think the regular auto and normal settings are a little too frugal with the water. Also auto plus sanatizes which I like.

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thanks for the tips, jscout and tyguy! (not sure if the 800 plus has "auto plus" but i'll play around with the different options)

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Also, check you user guide on how to set the water temp higher. If your model has it, setting the temp higher will help it in the drying process.

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With soft water, your Bosch will respond like any other which I mean lowest rinse-aid setting and minimal detergent will be all required. I strongly suspect any paks or tablets you're intending to use will be 3-4x overdose. I have soft water and use scant teaspoon of Cascade Complete powder pre-wash and level teaspoon in main wash for consistently excellent results on no etching. With tab/pak pre-meaured dosage, I would expect rapid etching with soft water.

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asolo: thanks for the warning. i didn't think about that. i'm wondering how much a pain it will be break those Finish Powerball tabs in half...but i'll definitely be considering this. we don't have expensive glassware, but i don't want to mess up even our cheap stuff.

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