Help identifying some platters, please.

pudgederNovember 13, 2010

Can you please help me identify these?

And perhaps an approx $$ value?

I purchased these 2 platters today they're 16.5" by 12" wide.

This is the mark:

This is the mark:

Any help is appreciated.


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How pretty! I would love to see these hung on a dining room wall.

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Is that the only mark on the back? or is there something else as well?
And where did you get them, that may also provide a clue. Looks like the people are riding in a troika.
Linda C

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Yes, that is the only mark. Could it be Staffordshire?

I purchased them at an estate auction in Oklahoma.(where I live)

Thank you Sheila, I don't have a dining room, but they're hanging in my LR. :-) I just love them!

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Fori is not pleased

I would love to have those on MY wall. The horses are just incredible. Nice find, whatever they are!

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That's not Staffordshire.
Can you tell, are they pottery or stone ware?
Because of the troika I am thinking Russia or Hungary or Ukrane. Don't know a thing about those pottery marks...

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They look like some sort of a Delft pattern from Holland, try googling delft patterns or marks and see what you come up with.

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I have those exact same plates. Unfortunately, they are packed away and I can't get to them to confirm the maker, but I believe they are Delft. I'm not sure if there suppose to be platter. I used my as wall art.

Great Fine!!!!

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I did look in my 2 "marks" books & didn't find anything to match what is on your platters. The crown suggests a country that has Royalty, lion can be U.S. England & some other countries floral so hard to say where they are from. I thought they looked more like ironstone with slight "flow blue" look especially on the back. Nice pieces whatever they are. Enjoy!

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They look like Faiance...not ironstone.
Delft wasn't always well marked...often not with the country of origin, but I can't find any Dutch marks that look anything like that. And I have never seen any Deoft showing figures that were not Dutch...or generic flowers or boats or windmills.
It could be Hungarian...Polish..
But I really don't believe it's Delft.
Is the base completely glazed?

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Yes, the bases are completely glazed.
There was a 3rd platter that I bought too, has the same mark on the back.

After researching this platter, I've discovered it came from the Grand Union grocery store chain. It was a promotion that they had going on during the Bicentennial in 1976.
I believe this is called "Liberty Blue" and it's by Staforrdshire.
Some had another mark along w/the lion mark, but when the contract ran out w/the original maker, it was made by other manufacturers. Near as I can figure anyway.

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