Bathroom Faucet - Widespread or Single hole?

cruzinpattisFebruary 15, 2014

Help! I can't decide on which type of faucet to start looking around for....Widespread with 3 holes or single.
I am in the beginning stage of planning a bathroom remodel and will be replacing a small 30" vanity with undermount sink.

Don't want a faucet that's overpowering nor one with a big arc.

Can you tell me what type of faucet you have widespread with three holes or single hole? What you like/dislike about it.

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Hi again, I like a single handle faucet for ease of use. I do have a widespread wall mount in my one bathroom. I chose it for the more traditional look I was after.

The current remodel will have a single handle. The BR I tore out had a single handle too. I have had single handled faucets for over 20 years in this house I realize. I believe from the 70's and 80's.

here is my current faucet-not hooked up yet:

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Great question, I just went through this same decision.

Initially thought I wanted single faucet for ease of use and cleaning, as it is what I had before.

Then realized I often want just cold water or just hot water and that is most easily accomplished with 2 separate handles.

What made the final decision was the vanity I purchased already had a granite top with 3 widespread holes predrilled.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Mdln- . I guess I don't understand what you meant when you wrote: "Then realized I often want just cold water or just hot water and that is most easily accomplished with 2 separate handles."

I have single handled faucets everywhere. I just turn the handle to the left then start the water. It is hot only. If I move the handle to the right it is cold only. How would having 2 handles change anything but the looks of having more traditional decor?

Can you help me understand?


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I like widespread with 3 holes. You want a faucet that has enough height or arc and spout that isn't too short ... I hate having to stick my hand all the way inside a sink because the faucet spout has very little clearance from top to bottom or back to front.

Very subjective! What do you like? Have you browsed on for ideas?

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@ Babka - Yea, I didn't really think about it until a plumber pointed it out to me.

Handles controls both flow (amount of water/pressure) & temperature.

With a single handle you do 2 movements: lift (for flow) and twist (for temp).

When you have 2 seperate handles - and you want an extreme temp (hot or cold) - you only adjust one direction for flow.

Not a big deal.

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we have one that I think is the same as Enduring's for our powder room, and two singles for our master. My husband chose them as he likes single handle. Fine by me, less to clean around. I love my kitchen which is has a single handle to the side - it is so functional to push on when your hands are dirty and easy to push to the back for hot water. I wish he had picked that style for the bathrooms but he felt they took up more space.

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Even though I like widespread with 3 holes I am now considering single hole faucet since most shower/tub faucets are single hole.
(Little odc on matchy matchy)
Plus, with a single hole there is less to clean around and would give more space to my small countertop.

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I picked single handle faucets for 2 bathrooms for ease of clean, they are Hansgrohe Metris S 31060 and Hansgrohe 31080. DH chose the widespread Hansgrohe Metrics S 31063 for MB. It is such a beauty, worthwhile even with extra cleanning work.

Our shower, tub fixtures are also from Hansgrohe, love the products.

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I like widespread in the bathroom and single-handle in the kitchen. I more often have things in my hands that make using two handles in the kitchen problematic - the same doesn't go for the bathroom.

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In our house, all of the various bathroom sinks and showers have two handles, while the kitchen sink has a single lever. With two handles, changing the temperature of the combined water flow changes the volume, so it always takes a few more seconds of fiddling around to get everything right. On the other hand, the single lever is intuitive, faster, and only requires one hand. That's a definite advantage whether you have something in one of your hands -- like a toothbrush or bar of soap -- or not.

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Neither! Think about a wall mount. MUCH easier to clean. I did one a few years ago, since then did another wall mount in a different bathroom, and now will never go back to deck-mounts. Plus, it is something different than run-of-the-mill.

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A wall mount what? Are you talking wall mount single control? I've got two bathrooms that have wall mounted faucets with double handles and the placement of the handles does nothing to improve the inherent drawback of having to adjust two handles....

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