deeageaux shopping tips?

agentslimFebruary 9, 2012


Where do you find your deals at? Can you Email me? I would love to score a 36 CC self clean for 5088! I am trying to save upwards of 10K as well. Any info would be great!

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slim - it only requires an internet connection and some time and patience. Luck helps too.

You scan craigslist, eBay, newspaper classifieds, appliance stores' websites, the clearance aisle at the big internet players and their websites too. Kick the tires at Sears, Best Buys , the Depot and Lowes too.

The issue becomes time frame for most people. You sound as if you need a kitchenfull of appliances, and scoring a deal on all or even most of them will be difficult - especially if you are "set" on your choices.

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I have a gentleman's agreement with my dealer not to disclose their name. And I am not throwing them under the bus.

But If you read some of my post in which I elaborate a bit more I said it was a damaged box model.The person who ordered it refused shipment.If I was paying full price I would have refused shipment as well even though the range looks 100% and functions 100%. Secondly,there has been a price increase of a few hundred bucks since I bought my range a few months back.

I had been searching high and low for a deal for either the Capital Culinarian or Bluestar RNB since the CC came out about 1.5 years ago.

It will be harder to find a deal if you really narrow it down to a very specific model with specific options. I was kinda hoping to find a Bluestar floor model or refused delivery range with an unpopular color with a big discount.

I live in Los Angeles where there are plenty of Capital and Bluestar dealers and several clearance centers from chains that carry either BS,CC,or both. That is not really an option if you live in the boonies.Then there is ebay,ebid,craigslist,and google shopping/ to search the net for deals.

The thing is to pounce once you find a good deal on an appliance that fits your parameters. Below is a 36" Capital Culinarian CGMR362G2NG floor model with a UMRP of $6919 for $4499 delivered.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Thanks guys,
I am in the drafting phase for building our house. I'm in Fresno,ca. I frequently travel to LA. What dealers would you recommend. I would like to compile a list of stores. I have about a year to shop for all my appliances. I will continue to scour the web. Which websites are reputable?

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I will post a complete list of where I shop in this thread in a week once I am done buying appliances

There are a couple of deals I am considering pulling the trigger on and don't want someone to steal my cheese:)

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awesome i look forward to joining the hunt!

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I am currently in Los Angeles, any recommended retailers I should visit?

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Oh my! I was going to tell you about Standards of Excellence, but they seem to have closed??! They _had_ a huge throughput and so lots of floor models and dings. Their outposts were numerous, but seemingly a little out of the center of town.... but are they really all gone now?

Seems there are still showrooms in northern CA and probably still out in the desert? SOE

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also try -- it's SOE's online outlet I think. It seems to send you to another site but I think it's all the same. I think if you phone a salesman at SOE they can walk you through figuring out what from their massive list of dinged and floor models is available.

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Absolute Appliances Showroom
1522 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles CA 90028

They have a live Culinarian:)

They have a lot of discontinued high end stuff but not very big discounts.

Furguson's Kitchen and Bath has a clearance center in Pomona CA.

Pacific Sales has a clearance center in Torrance CA.

Standards of Excellence has a clearance center in Sacramento CA.

If you are willing to travel a couple hours south why not north? They just closed here in SoCal.

Friedmans in Long Beach,CA has a large scratch'n dent/discontinued model section in back.

Appliance Outlet Center in Chatsworth CA.
They had a 36" SS BS RNB VI at an ok discount but seemed willing to discount deeper if I bought an appliance package there a few months ago.I already had just about everything so no dice.They get Capital ranges there from time to time.

It is a little like an Arab Bazaar.You can get a great deal but if you don't know market prices for high-end discontinued/floor model appliance you can get taken for a ride.

Snyder Diamond in Santa Monica will negotiate on floor models so will Bay Cities Appliances also in Santa Monica. You might want to try their other locations as well.

Universal Appliances and Kitchen Center in Studio City.

Warehouse Discount Center has several locations each has its own little clearance section.

The Torrance location has a Miele La Perla II dishwasher with full console and SS door for $1499. If this is within your budget,and if your goals is to save $10k it probably is,you should grab it.

Blue Liquadation Retail in Huntington Beach.

I bought a Sharp MW Drawer from Admark on ebay.It turned out great for me but some people are pissed they never got ranges or ovens from him.They special ordered and waited past the 60 days to file a claim on paypal.

I bought a fridge from Markdown Madness on ebay. Everything turned out great there too. has some discontinued gaggenau ovens on their site. A person here confirmed a particular model as in stock,they ordered it and it turns out they were sold out. The buyer got their money back but they were quite upset.

There is a Miele company showroom in Bevery Hills.

And a Sub-Zero Wolf one in Costa Mesa.

Unfortunately some of the places I bought stuff are closed;fortunately I got "going out of business deals."

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Awesome! I will be going shopping tommorrow!

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Wow, deage - that's some shopping list.

Don't forget sales on sales that can sometimes be gotten at Sears; applied to floor models you can sometimes do very well indeed. This is sort of the opposite of a turkish bazaar - there are rules and no one at home, really, so following their own rules they can sometimes get caught out in a better deal than anyone who was actually thinking would allow.

Why'd SOE close down here?

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There is nothing at Sears that I was very interested in.

I was mildly interested in the Kenmore Pro 48" fridge made by Samsung but decided against it.

The have Jenn-Air but not built-in fridges.

Not really interested in either Electrolux or DCS.

Agentslim said he wanted a package similar to mine.

I shopped for my sister a few months back. She wanted the largest French Door with Ice/Water Indoor that would fit her space. Settled on Samsung RF4267HARS

After friends&family discount,new Sears charge card,24 hr special sale blah blah blah it came to $2133. Found a guy selling brand new Samsung appliances with warranty out of a warehouse in Garden Grove,Ca for $1770.

I rarely find Sears to have the best deal. Yes,sometimes on floor models. But they don't carry Miele,Sub-Zero, Gaggenau, Bluestar,Capital etc etc.

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I have not decided on a dw, but if that Miele is a great deal I might have to jump on that! I will read more on it today. You would recommend the Miele la perla?

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I purchased one.

The fully integrated model at a bit more money.

The going rate a year ago for that Miele DW was $2400.

$1499 is the absolute cheapest price I have seen for a La Perla II.

And it is virtually impossible to get a discount on current model Miele DWers. Especially in California.

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Found a floor model CC 48in self clean with grill for 7500. What do you think?

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I got mine for ~28% off plus $99 delivery.

This one is ~19% off plus 7-8.25% tax?

I can tell the grill is a highly desired option and should command a premium over the all burner ranges.

If you pass on this one looking for that 28% off you may never find this deal by the time you finish your kitchen.

I lean buy on that one.

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fwiw I got a floor model KA DW (kude70 - love it) for less than $500 and a Samsung fridge for Will you be my brother? I hate to shop! ;)

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I think i gotta pass on the CC. With tax included it looks like the same price some shops on ebay are selling it for. Some stores are offering me "contractors price" Which is a bit lower. So I will continue my hunt, I have about a year to find a steal!
That Miele is a great deal. I really would want the version with hidden controls so I will have to continue the hunt.

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