Fil with dementia and hallucinations makes rude comments

marti8aOctober 11, 2011

He is in a nursing home, and I have no idea what he says when we aren't there, but I have a feeling he is saying rude things, politically incorrect things, and racist comments to the staff.

I assume they have been trained to ignore it, but what, if anything should we say when we are there?

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The staff will understand. Yes, it's hardest for you to get used to it. You can ask the social worker at the NH for a few moments in private and express your concerns there. Or do you have a branch of the Alzheimer's Association near you? There is always someone to talk to, if you look around.

You need to express yourself. The staff deals with this all the time, but it's awfully hard for us families to deal with it.

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It's very common. The staff is trained to hear such things but not react. My uncle started spewing very racist sayings in the last year of his life. He lived at home and his dear wife took care of him. I visited once and we chatted. He used the N word several times and was very angry.I didn't argue (which I would have if he was my age and in good health). My cousins apologized to me for his rude behavior. I know it goes with the territory.

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