Gas burner remaining warm hours after operation- normal?

olivesmomFebruary 8, 2013

As I was cleaning my kitchen today I noticed that the burner on my range was warm. I could feel the heat when I passed my hand over it. The grate was warm to the touch and the burner itself was too hot to touch. The burner had been used about four hours earlier when I made breakfast.

The knob was not turned on in any way. The was no flame. I cannot smell any gas. I turned the burner back on and it operates normally.

This is a seven year old, GE profile, sealed burner gas range.

Is this normal? I never noticed anything like it before. I am confused though, as to how the burner could be so hot when there was no visible flame. I find it hard to believe that the burner could still retain that much heat from four hours earlier.

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Very strange - my burners cool down within 10 minutes or so. Could someone else have used the burner without you realizing it? You don't have a pilot light, do you?

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Was the oven on, by any chance? Some gas ovens vent through or around a rear burner and that can make the burner and grate pretty hot. DR if the GE Profiles did this, but thought I'd ask. Otherwise, I second what Weissman said.

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