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DianePAOctober 19, 2006

I haven't been here in quite a long time but some of you might remember that I'd been a caregiver to my DH Clyde, he had multiple mylemona for 5 yrs, he passed away Oct 12th, a week ago today. we are doing good, we know he's in a better place, not stuggling to breathe, or in so much pain, etc, i think that alone has helped us, besides all the prayers said for us. we were married for 38 yrs. when he took that last breathe and he looked so peaceful, couldn't help but be relieved that he was no longer struggling! he went in the hospital Aug 12th, was paralzyed from that day on from below belly button down, which really was a blessing, his feet were so swelled, and catherater kept shutting off, he would have been in so much pain if he could have felt that.he was in the nursing home from Aug 21st till he passed on the 12th, so he had been out of the house for 2 months to the day, so we had already went through that, so that helped too. the kids and grandkids are doing ok too.DianePA

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Hi Diane
So sorry for your loss, but I know you must be happy with yourself, that you stood by him and cared for him through his last leg of his journey here on earth. I cared for my mil, not the same as a hubby, but I was at peace with myself after her death, knowing I had done all I could for her.
May you know that peace also and find the strength to find a State of Happieness that I know you husband would want for you.

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Diane, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You did a wonderful job of taking care of your DH, and I hope that the warm memories of your best days together will be with you always.


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I am so sorry for your loss, but you know you did your best and he was/is at peace.

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Dear Diane:

i would like you from the bottom of my heart to accept my deepest symathy in the loss of your husband. Although we have never met, when i read your posting i did cry, you are always there for me and my family, i wish that i could be there for you right now. but please accept this big hug, and perhaps we could all say a special prayer for Clyde this evening at 9pm (doesn't matter what your time zone is). Again Diane please accept my deepest sympathy.


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You have my utmost sympathy at the loss of your husband. I also haven't been on here in ages and much has changed in our family. I wish you strength as you face each new day and cling tightly to all your best memories.

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Dear Diane... I'm so sorry to hear about your dear Clyde. You went through a lot together... It is a comfort to know he's not suffering any longer. May God bless you and your precious family and give you strength for each day. May He comfort you and give you peace.

How is your health? As I recall your daughter and a granddaughter had some serious health issues. I pray you are doing well. ~abreeze

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