Mixing fixtures shower and sink (am I crazy)?

skny0104February 27, 2014

I am selecting fixtures for our master bath and one of the luxury bath showrooms is having a good sale now which ends tomorrow.

Is it crazy to get trim and diverter brand different from tub spout different than faucet? They will all be the same finish (polished chrome, we have well water and that was advised).

I will upload pics separately. Thanks for any advice!

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You'd be crazy not to take advantage of a good sale! Who cares what brand it is? They're going to be the same finish and I assume you have some sort of style in mind? But even then, as long as you like them that's all that matters! I can't tell you how many hours I spent picking all the metal trim pieces for my two BR renos, I think they coordinate perfectly, but I bet you no one really notices or frankly cares! So, if you're happy go for it! Really...and congrats on finding a sale on something you like!

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I tentatively agree with Raehelen, but seeing the photos may make a difference in my opinion....

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ok, i'm pretty klutzy when it comes to photobucket, hoping the link works

fwiw, my friends have already suggested that the "modern" tub spout doesnt go with anything. I'm inclined (but now what I wanted to hear necessarily)

Here is a link that might be useful: fixtures

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The first two spouts--Jado and Kubista--appear to match the style of the valve/ diverter. I'm not sure what part of the third set you want to include as well.

Keep in mind that finishes (like colours) don't always match.

Mixing and matching plumbing fittings is sometimes used by designers to give a house a lived-in look.

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In your photobucket album, when you click on a pic there will be a box on the right that says 'LInks to share this photo'. Just hover your cursor over the HTML link, left click on your mouse and you can embed that photo (it will be the HTML code into your posting). I like to leave a space, then go back and pick your next photo, etc.

It may be just because I have a migraine this morning, but I find the slideshow hard to focus on. It would be easier to compare if the photos were here and I could just scroll back and forth.

So, having said that, the last photo of the tub spout with the cross handles goes the best with your shower trim. Are you picking sink faucets at the same time?

Do you know the flow rate of your tub spout? Just wanna make sure it's not really slow...

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the third set (has the plain tub spout). the x knobs represent the diverter and thermostat (except in this case, it just looks like hot and cold). could i mix this diverter/thermostat with either the jado or kubista? or should I do the kubista/jado with the AS.

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I think you could mix the x knobs with the Kubista/jado faucet successfully but to worthy's point, do compare the finish of all these pieces with each other in person as they could differ.

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Babka NorCal 9b

One of the wonderful things about chrome is that it looks the same from different manufacturers We have chrome in our bathroom from 5 different manufacturers and they all match. Get the ones you like to look at.


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