The Circle won't be Broken

momj47October 27, 2005

I just returned from a great caregiving experience - and a reminder of how life goes on. My daughter had a baby on Oct. 10 - Christopher Aiden

He's my first and such a joy. He's doing great and so is my DD and SIL. It's fun to watch them all together. Our family started in the US in 1909 when my grandparents arrived from Sweden, Chris is the 4th generation born in the US, and I've known them all.

My DD and I had a good cry a few days after she got home, talking about how much her grandparents (my parents) would have loved to see Chris. They were such wonderful grandparents, and great role models. We are sure they know, and next summer while we are in Maine, we'll take him to the "family plot" and tell him about the wonderful family he comes from. And we'll tell him that no matter how difficult things become, no matter how heartbreaking the decisions, we are a family and we always take care of our family.

Both of my parents died in a nursing home (agonizing, but the right decision), Mom 9 years ago from Alzheimer's, Dad 2 years ago from old age. I still miss them everyday, and on the way to the hospital to see Chris, I cried because I wanted to tell them about their great grandson. I felt pretty alone these last few years, but Chris makes sense of things, the circle is complete for me now. Here they are at about the same age as my DD and SIL - about 65 years ago!

How about you all, can you post some pictures of your family. My DD and I had a wonderful time going through the old albums, laughing and crying about the great memories and the wonderful people who've gone before.

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Your grandson is adorable!! Congratulations!
My grandson is 3 years old,and I've never known such joy! Mimi

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This is Mum at Thanksgiving '03. She was rebounding from her low weight of 84 lbs. (no kidding). I love this shot; it's hard to get nice pictures of her if she knows you have a camera. Luck was with me that day.

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