Bath screen,shower screen or shower curtain

cassie225February 28, 2012

I can't find anything about bath or shower screens. After we remodeled our bathroom I used a shower curtain and everything was great,but now it seem that the shower curtain does not prevent the water from coming out onto the floor on the end where the showerhead is.There is a puddle always. We can not install curved shower bar as my DH does not want to drill into the new tile on the wall. I was at a hotel this weekend and they had half a glass panel on their shower and it looked good. Can I do this on my tub,and will it still leak. Help

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Yes it is doable. However, you need to drill into the tile to anchor 2 clips which will hold the glass.

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Still need to drill into the tile?

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What about a $6 shower splash guard?

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try I think ours is the Monaco with the square chrome hinges

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Yes. You have to drill into the tile. I just checked and it is from the Evolution Series called the Monaco square tub shield. You can download the installation manual and see how it is installed. My DH installed ours.

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Doesn't the fixed panel part of the screen prevent you from being able to easily reach in and turn on the water for a shower without having to get in the tub/shower before the water is warm (or cold) enough?

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good question about turning on water

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Door1, we are looking at the Fleurco shower screen that you have, or something similar. Is it a problem to turn on the water without having to get into the tub or shower? Anyone have a swing out screen where this is not a problem?

Thanks in advance.

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