Tub inside walk-in shower - do you like it?

muffnJanuary 31, 2014

I saw a bunch of these on houzz and it's an option that would work well with our master bath to solve a window issue. I like the idea because sometimes I'll take a bath to relax and then shower to wash my hair. But is it weird looking? Search for "bathtub in shower" on houzz to see more.

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Whether or not it is weird probably depends in part on what kind of house you're building. We will have an arrangement like this in the grandparents' bath, they really like the setup. It would have been simpler if they had selected an alcove or freestanding tub, though.

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I like it.

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I recently was in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas. It had a set up like this. I was a little concerned about it being cold in the shower with the openness, but it actually was very warm and pretty nice. The difference between the photo and the hotel bath is that the glass went to the ceiling.

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It certainly makes sense on some levels, keeping the wettest areas of the bath combined and confined. I use my tub more than many here who don't want to dedicate the space to a tub, but still not every day. It would bother me to keep the tub deck or floor around the tub if freestanding and the tub itself dried off from shower use. I'm picky about drying out my shower with a microfiber after use and that would be a lot more real estate to dry every day. But I'm weird ;-)

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We are in the process of doing this. It was a way to get a separate tub and shower in a relatively small room, plus our shower is curbless. I can't tell you yet how it will work. I know some people worry about the draftiness factor, but the whole room is the size of some showers I see here (only a slight exaggeration), plus our floors will be heated. I also had the window brought down almost to the tub deck so I could look out. Of course, I realized later it is usually dark by the time I take a bath...

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I like it. But maintenance wise, it looks too close to the shower spray so you'd have to be keeping up with cleaning up the tub even when you weren't using it. Probably wouldn't happen in my house. So I'd plan for a larger shower area where it could remain dry during shower use.

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I love that but we didn't do it for the maintenance like Snookums said. I didn't want to clean the huge space due to water overspray. I thought it would be excellent for my kids since they are so messy in the tub but those years are few and the cleaning would be forever :)

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Personally I like the look, and it would be terribly space efficient because it would not require a walkway between the two items. I'd like that you could keep one set or shampoo between the two. I really like the mixture of the large blue tile and the tiny mosaic tiles.

However, I'm planning a retirement house, and I can't help but notice that this shower has no safety rails. You could use a tile wall halfway up so you could have a hand rail on one side (though i like the look of the glass and all the light it allows through), but you cannot have a rail on the tub side . . . And for a retirement house, that wouldn't do. I mean, I'm sure if I installed a rail only on the left side, I'd have a stroke and lose the use of my left side. Another negative: you could not have a bath mat outside the tub, so I suppose you'd have to go with the heated floor.

However, I think I might consider it for my upstairs bathroom.

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I LOVE it! I think you will stay warmer in the bath as well since you will have the glass enclosure from the shower. I think I posted about this about a year ago and found a picture I absolutely loved off of houzz.

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I would only like it if I paid someone to clean. I would not want to always clean a bathtub after I shower (and yes, that tub will get water and soap all over when one showers).

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From an "extra cleaning" standpoint, I don't care for it - needing to wipe down the tub any time that a shower was taken would annoy me like crazy...all the extra angles/areas for soap scum to accumulate isn't a plus IMO.

I can see where if someone is stuck with a small space and still wants a separate shower and tub how this could appeal...but I think that the day to day living with it would tire me quickly, almost to the point where I wouldn't want a tub (and I'm a regular bath soaker/relaxer, so not having a tub would be a pretty huge sacrifice for me).

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I pay someone to clean. But I'm a neat freak. Maybe the messy-looking tub would bother me??
I really like this set up.

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I vacation in a huge open shower and I find it terribly cold! I could never build that even though I like the looks of the last photo. :)

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I don't understand the "extra cleaning" issue. I have been paying a lot of attention to where shower water splashes lately because we haven't decided how wide a glass panel to use. It doesn't go up that high from the floor for me,but maybe other people are more vigorous showerers! And although I give the glass wall and door a quick squeegee, it has never occured to me to wipe down the shower walls after use (although I admit we did use epoxy grout in this one.) The tub in the photo above would not get nearly the amount of soap residue due to overspray as a tub/shower combo, so I don't see the maintenance aspect as onerous. But I don't know yet!

I saw this same discussion on Houzz recently and most of the people who had this layout loved it as I recall, but there was a lot of concern expressed by those who just looked at it and imagined maintenance or temperature control issues. Would love to hear from someone who's tried it, though...

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I would like to hear from someone who lives in a colder climate like zone 4 or colder. A bigger shower may be too cold for me, and I have to use steam for my sinus problems.

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I'm not understanding the "extra cleaning" concept either. I clean the tub about once a week. If this were my tub, I'd still clean it once a week.

However, our tub gets real use. Perhaps a person who "never uses it" doesn't need to clean his or hers as often. But still, it'd just be clean water falling on the tub -- no soap scum or dirt.

Also, I'm not particularly fussy about water spots and so forth. Perhaps it's a matter of "how clean is good enough"? My own standards aren't all that high.

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The second one is really pretty :). If I had had a tub in my shower like that, bathing kids wouldn't have been such a chore to keep water IN the tub! I would probably still want something closer to the tub for my supplies. I wouldn't want to have to get out if I forgot anything :). And I guess a TV in front of the tub would probably be out! It does look like a lot to clean, but I have never had a freestanding tub like that where you have to get behind it. However, I would guess that as long as it is cleaned regularly it would be a pretty quick job...better if you have a cleaning lady though!

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Now I'm with you on the problem of cleaning "behind" a freestanding tub. That looks like a good bit of work.

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We often use the tub and shower a the same time. Ie one is soaking sore muscles in the tub, while another is taking a shower. I would hate that setup as even though there wouldn't be huge splashes, just a few here and there would be annoying. I like to catch up on my magazine/catalog pile while soaking and it would be double annoyance with the water splashing on the magazine/catalog too.

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I'm thinking about this layout for my master bath remodel. One member of my household likes to overfill the bathtub. I'm thinking this would resolve the huge-puddle-on-the-floor problem when he bathes. And, hopefully, the remodeling and waterproofing will resolve the leak into the floor below.

What do you think the minimum dimensions would be for a "wet room" like this? This would be with a free-standing tub. I'm guessing that the floor in the wet room would need to be sloped toward an infinity drain.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Nothing new to add...I'm in the no go camp...wet floors, mess up the tub, too cold, no grab bars...we rarely use a tub at all and that's why our only tub is in the guest bath, not in the master at all. If we want it, it's there. We have a steam shower instead which requires a tight enclosure and it gets yummy warm in there. I guess it depends on how you would use the thing.

I stayed at the bellagio once and their bath had a shower with an all glass enclosure, and even though I was alone in the room, it felt very exposed...I prefer some walls around me when I shower. Which is crazy since I shower outdoors with no walls all the time in the summer. Go figure.

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