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blueheronNovember 19, 2010

i know this is off-topic, but there are knowledgeable people on this forum and I thought somebody might be able to help me.

I ordered an item from Amazon that came today and was correct. There were two boxes instead of one! I wondered what was up - when I opened the one box, it contained an order that was not mine. It was legos and I didn't order them. They do not appear on my account so I'm not being charged for them. I would like to contact to tell them about it and I can't find a place to do that. There are a lot of HELP topics, but not this one. Any ideas?

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Just go on Amazon and to the contact us button and explain. I had something like that happen, and they had me put the stuff outside my front door and they picked it up via UPS or whatever and packed it up. But I had things in my box that clearly belonged to an employee.

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I searched thoroughly and I can't find a contact us button. They have lots of help buttons but they list various subjects and you click on the one closest to your question. Needless to say, there aren't any "wrong package delivered" subjects.

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Go to the orange button GENERAL SUPPORT on the right side of the Help page. You don't need an account.

In the pull-down menus, chose "non order questions" in both menus. Then type in "got someone's package" or words to that effect.

Then chose how you want them to contact you--the phone call is the most immediate and you get a person right away.

It doesn't matter what issue or problem button you select.

Otherwise, write "return to sender" on the package and send it back.

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Thanks, I sent them an email.

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Oh dear, it's not nearly as easy as I thought. sigh...

I emailed the cust rep who told me to send her the tracking number on the (wrong) package and she would send me a return label, postage paid. No problem, right? Wrong! The label she sent me was for the return of MY shipment, not the incorrect one.

There was no way to contact her again, so I hit the button "Call me" and I would explain to a real person. Well, I was called and the guy was from India! Grrrr. I was on the phone with him for about a half hour with lots of holds while he checked with his supervisor. He kept checking MY account in which everything was ok. I kept trying to tell him the shipment did not appear as a charge on my account, so there's no point looking there.

He said he couldn't send me a mailing label to print out because this wrong shipment was a PARTIAL shipment. He told me to return the package and they would reimburse me for the postage. Not going there. I will take it to the closest UPS store and let them handle it. Whew, what a mess.

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