Best built in? fridge under $6,000

lafaciaFebruary 24, 2013

Need a big-ish fridge but want it to look good of course and last. Thinking built in? In the early planning stages thought we'd get a 42" but I didn't realize how crazy expensive 42/48 was. I don't want a GE Monogram because I've read too many bad reviews to feel comfortable going that route. Really like the 36" bottom freezer sub zero but that's out of my price range. If you were me what refrigerator would you buy? Thanks for your help. I'm bleary eyed from looking online and visiting appliance dealers. Your help and opinion will be greatly appreciated.

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Are there any 48" built in that cost less than $6000 ?

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Leiber and Bosch

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Doesn't have to be a 48". Would you buy a Leibher or Bosch if you had $6,000 to spend? Or would you just buy a $3,000 refrigerator because unless you can spend $7500, what you would get wouldn't be worth it? Just curious what you all would buy if that were your budget. Thanks.

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One buys a built-in fridge to fit the overall design of the kitchen.

A counter-depth $3k fridge is simply not the same.

A built-in 30" bottom freezer from Bosch is $5.8k.

They don't sell their towers under the Bosch name anymore, Maybe you can get them at liquidator.

I own 24" Liebherr All-Refrigerator and a 24" Gaggenau All-Freezer.

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We were looking into doing 2 Leibher 24" columns and I believe the price was close to that, maybe another k higher w/panel ready ones w/out the panels .....

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While you might be able to find the refrigerator columns for that, adding the cabinet panels will cost you another 2K or so.

In your budget range, I'd choose a standard depth 32 cubic foot 36" wide LG or Samsung, or maybe the new GE that's built in Kentucky. Then just panel the sides. The front will remain stainless.

If you want to do a true built in, you will have to increase your budget for the appliance, the cabinet panels, and the installation of all of that. Probably around almost double your budget by the time it's done.

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Kristen Hallock

DH has his heart set on a 60" built in fridge by Electrolux. I am really not keen on the idea. I think it was under $6k. But DH doesnt care about reviews or anything like that. I dont know how good this fridge is but I cant seem to talk him out of it.

I was thinking of maybe 2 24" Liebherr's installed side x side, but the fridge is only 13.8 cubic feet. Is that really small? Currently I have a regular 36" side by side kitchen aid fridge. I think the total cubic feet is 25. I am not sure what the breakdown is for fridge vs freezer.

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Cu. ft. is a bit of a red herring. WHat are they measuring ?
Total interior space, air volume, shelf space, door space, what if the racks are super heavy duty and have thick spill proof lips on them that effectively lessens the floor space you can place a can or bottle or dish on ?

This is not really a product you can arm chair quarterback with your spreadsheet. You gotta go see one in the flesh to determine if it will meet your needs.

Basically, $6k is not going to get you a built in fridge of 42"-48" width in either stainless or a paneled version unless you you find a close out, scratch/dent ect... The one exception seems to be a GE Profile model or two, but you don't want that , and are wise not to.

Those electroluxs are about $4k but ARE NOT built ins. They are a lot deeper than 24" ! May not be problem , but at 60"+ wide they take up a lot of kitchen floorplan. You can read here and elsewhere about their reliability.

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That wasn't me saying I was going to get the Electrolux. Another poster with the same dilemma. I personally don't have room for 60" even if it's within my budget. I don't really care about cabinet panels. It's okay with me if a fridge looks like a fridge though I do understand it's pieced together - two columns or mismatched then panels are the way to go. I didn't budget for them though. Is there a refrigerator that is better value for my money if it's not built in?

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free standings are kinda outa my area of expertise.

I look at them as disposable, so get the one that has the creature comforts / design you want in your budget and plan on getting another one in 7-10 years.

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After spending some time looking around and being patient- we had two offers, a 42" KitchenAid french door bottom freezer for $5500 or 2 thermador columns, one a 24" fridge the other an 18" freezer for $4000 total. All were unused floor models under full warranty.

Something that size, built in, and of quality can be found.

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.......if you have enough time and and can leave a hole that can be modified.

What if you'd found a 30" and an 18" on closeout?

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