Convection steam + single oven, or double oven???

kdsetFebruary 7, 2013

Help! I'm a longtime lurker, first time poster -

We have to finalize our appliances for our new home, and I am still torn - do I skip the 30" double oven that we'd originally planned on and instead get a Wolf single L-series plus the Wolf steamer/convection?

Will I ever miss the extra space in the second oven?

I know that the steam ovens are fabulous - but.... I'm having trouble with the extra cost and the uncertainty about how much I'll really use it!


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I have never missed double ovens. I love my combi oven, and encourage you to get it, assuming you cook and are adventurous with something new!

I only use my other oven about 6-10 times/year, seriously. The space in my Gagg combi is enough to cook any meats, gratins, egg dishes, brownies, cookies, pies, cakes, etc. Because it heats up so quickly, I hardly ever use my large oven (except for big gatherings and holiday baking).

I wanted to pair mine with a wall oven (I also had a history of double 30" wall ovens), but at the time there was not a 30" wall oven that looked good stacked with it, so I opted for a range and combi is alone in the wall.

Good luck in your selections!

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It probably depends on your family size and how much you cook and entertain.

For me, it was a no-brainer. I have never even considered double-ovens. But if you have a family of 10 and plus more on weekends, it might be a different story...


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Unless you are using all the racks on a single oven now, I would go one combi, and one wall oven ( or range). Try to think of the things you cook on a regular basis, and how often your regular oven is half full or less. I use the combi oven much more than the regular oven.

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Like the others, I use end up using the combi as the main oven. I woudl go one wall oven + combi. Think about how you actually cook. Sure, it's nice to have a bigger oven than a combi, but only if you really think you will regularly fill it up. Even if you have a roast in the bigger oven, you probably don't need your second oven to be the same size.

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I also wouldn't trade my combo steam oven. I use it more than my regular oven.

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We also use our steam oven more than the regular oven. It heats up faster than the main oven and is great for reheating left overs without drying them out.

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Thanks everyone - very helpful info! Combi-steam plus wall oven it is!

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