Fix this Weird Mirrored Corner?

xand83February 10, 2012

Hi all!

We just wrapped up our little 1/2 bath and now it is time to move on to the master. Small condo in DC and the whole unit is shaped like an ice cream cone. The bathroom is at the bottom of the cone, so it is...interesting.

We have a pretty weird mirrored shelf thing at the beginning of the bathroom. It's tucked under the soffit (needed for hvac & plumbing, unfortunately). Behind it is a closet from the bedroom and likely a structural column for the building.

We would like to ditch the mirrors, but can't think of a good alternative to just a few shelves. Can anyone think of a good piece of storage furniture or shelving for that weird corner? I would prefer not to hire a carpenter for something custom b/c, in these parts, that comes with an outrageous price tag. We would like to keep it somewhat inexpensive, like under $500.

Dimensions of corner: 34.5" x 26" x 82" tall

And please pretend like you don't see the yellow. Talk about a MISTAKE! Any thoughts??

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I'd look at craigslist and find a corner cabinet/armoire/curio that fits. I just looked at the dc listings and there are quite a few that might work. some of the more perfect sizes seem to have glass doors, which might not be what you want, but you could get creative with window film or fabric/grasscloth/etc to cover the doors.

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I would just find a regular rectangular cabinet (not a corner shaped one) that fits the longest wall but is shallow enough not to protrude past the edge of the shorter wall

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It might be helpful to see a layout, but from what I can see, there's no reason the storage needs to be triangular. I would probably find a nice freestanding storage piece. Here are some ideas.

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