how to clean vintage satinato glass?

mahatmacat1November 30, 2009

Hey folks,

I found a rather nice Rosenthal-Netter (still with tag) satinato glass vase today (evidently by Carlo Moretti, from some web research), and I'm wondering how to clean it (outside). Inside is another question altogether, since it's got about a 15" long 1" diameter neck...but I mean the satin exterior. It's not horrible, I'd just like it to look as nice as possible and remove any smoke layer that may have accumulated on it.

I've found one site and I'll link it, but I'm not sure it refers to my specific kind of glass.

Any thoughts, experiences, warnings, etc. would be most gratefully accepted. Haven't had time to take a pic yet, but here it is elsewhere:

Here is a link that might be useful: this is it exactly -- no chips or scratches, either :)

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It's glass....wash it....soap and water....Windex....409....whatever...
Now the inside....that's another story!
I have somewhere in this house a vase cleanert hat looks like a giant pipe cleaner that works very well on narrow necked vases.
I don't remember where I got it....but theya re out there!
What color is your vase?
Linda C

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I would fill it with some white uncooked rice, and Windex-type cleaner. Swirl the water/rice mixture around. Be careful emptying it because you don't want to clog it. May take several attempts, but for me this always worked.

Good luck!

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Tell me you didn't find this for $5 at your local Goodwill!

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Thanks, you all -- so linda, I *can* just clean it like regular glass? I have some nontoxic glass cleaner--I can use that?

And thanks for the rice idea for the inside, justlinda :). I'll try it. It looks like there's a dead moth or something inside it so I'll have to try to vacuum it out somehow. I have little vacuum attachments for the computer that I'll try on it.

And sweeby, no, no, no, I didn't find it at the Goodwill for $5 - I found it for $4 :) (well, $3.99 actually, w/5% off :))

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OH, linda, I forgot to mention--it's the same colors as the one in the ad--green on top, white base. All satin.

I'm really nervous about using something on it...

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Try ice chips with just a bit of water,don't have to worry about they clogging, they melt!! Years ago when I car-hopped & ran in & fixed the food we used ice chips & cleanser in glass coffee pots to keep them sparkling. Try it with just the ice. About 1/3 c chips & swish it around for couple of minutes(add couple of Tbs. water ) ice will knock the critter loose if still looks dull you could pour out water & add Windex to the ice. Shake it fairly hard !

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Sunny, you bring back memories of my youth. If the ice alone doesn't work add some salt. That always works. I still use this method to clean my coffee decanter. I didn't carhop but did some waitressing while working my way through college.

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Pah!! Awful looking...take it back and get your $3.99 back!!'s really just glass....that satin finish is not "paint" it's a sort of acid etching on the won't wash off!
Linda C

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Denture tablets quite often will get the inside of vases clean. Just break it up into little pieces & put in with some warm water.

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Yeah, linda, I was thinking of smashing it to use it in mosaics :) (NOT!)

O.K., I'll trust you. It's like etched rather than frosted glass, I guess is the parallel. I'm concerned about getting oily hands on it, but it's probably tougher than that. The fact it survived the rough-and-tumble of Goodwill sorting/shelving says a lot in itself!

And all the inside-cleaning tips are *wonderful*! I will try them in chronological order. Thanks!

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Good heavens fly, the scores you get are just UNreal!
That's a very pretty vase!

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Well, shucks, moonshadow, I do enjoy the hunt :) And I'm learning a lot as I go along, too.

At another Goodwill on the same day, I found a *gorgeous*, amazing, more and more incredible as you realize the kinds of mastery involved in it serigraph/embossing by Don Munz, an abstracted moonlit landscape. It's *nothing* like what he's doing now, in case you look at his current work. It's signed/numbered AND with all documentation on the back from when he sold it the first time through Fidelity Arts back in 1982. No way anyone can contest the provenance of this thing, which is why I paid $40 for it, rather than my usual cap of $20 :). I've found that other serigraphs by him from the same era are selling for $1200 each right now. It's framed nicely but I'm going to change out the acrylite to UV/non-glare. It's truly a masterwork of printmaking. I'll try to take a pic when I can. It's already up in our house in a prominent place of honor :)

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OK, that's it.

Road trip to flyleft's.
I call shotgun.

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UUNNNNbelievable, I'll drive. Only because I get carsick riding in the back. Let me get the top put on the truck bed so we have room to bring back all those goodies. Don't worry, it's a 4 door pu. Plenty of room for all of us.

How come I can never find fabulous buys like that.

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Ummm...could you guys pick me up? I'll be quiet, promise!

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We need a semi.....who's got a trucker friend?

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Ha, you all :) I'm scared even to take my local friends shopping, because I *know* when I take them there will suddenly be *no* good stuff there at all. I just know it.

A weird thing: the Goodwill at which I found the Rosenthal-Netter vase is in a rather rougher, older, more working-class part of the area, but one where I think there are pockets of old midcentury artsy folks who lived out their lives in rural Oregonian bliss in areas *near* to that part of town. Then when they pass on, their things get dropped off by ignorant descendants...I think my DD found some pretty good studio pottery there too, but I'm trying still to identify the imprint so I don't know who made it.

And lightning didn't strike twice at the other GW where I found the Munz piece--I went there to return something today and didn't find anything. C'est la guerre :)

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p.s. jus wanted to add, since we're on the topic of it, that I'm sure lindac remembers my recent Val St. Lambert event...and I've had 2 other art events like the Munz except they cost even less and are worth more...but again, if I took anyone there it would be "Footprints in the Sand" Central--you know the kind, the printed on a photo of a sunset, shellacked to dark wood...

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What it really all boils down to is the "sorters"...I know someone who drove a fair distance to volunteer in the back room at a Salvation Army thrift store...
What it points out is their sorters don't know their stuff!...

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linda, DH and I were laughing that if they ever got anyone in who knew the true values of things it would never be the same place again! But considering they get their items *free* (and we give them some of it every year :)), it's not a horrible thing to sell them at a low price. The Goodwill is the most money-making non-profit there is here, evidently -- the CEO caused a bit of a scandal several years ago by giving himself a $100,000+ salary...they keep opening new they're not hurting, whatever their policy is.

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"My" Good Will has a case in the front with "special things" and a book and if the attendant isn't too busy you can bid on those things in a silent auction....but so far all the "special things" I like are on the shelves with the old florist vases and the cheap plastic dishes.
Linda C

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