Please help identify glass maker and when made

javaandjazzNovember 17, 2012

Hi everyone, we found this neat vase at an estate sale today for $15.00. It has a very neoclassical look to it. To me the glass kind of reminds me of heisey glass but not sure. It is molded as you can see the mold marks in the pedestal part. Any ideas of who made it and when? Thanks, Richie

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I would send a picture to one of the Heisey collectors clubs and see if anyone knows that pattern.
It's hard to see if I am seeing a pattern in the glass or the image of something else on the table.
How tall is it? I love to put a bouquet in a beautiful glass vase and that looks like it would be very useful!

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Thanks Linda, it's about 8 1/4" tall.

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Have you ever heard that glass over 100 years old has a purple hue to it? The dealer at today's sale had said that about this piece.

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Here are some better pictures.

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Glass that used manganese as a flux will turn purple in ultra violet light. Manganese began being used as a cheaper alternative in about 1865 and pretty well stopped in favor of other salts in the early 20th century.

I don't recognize the pattern, and if you see a purple-ish hue it's not fine quality glass......because even during the period of the use of manganese as a flux, the finest glass still used lead salts.

From what I see, you have a mold blown vase with a molded applied foot and applied handles. Does it "diiiiingggg" when you tap it? Or just "ding"...or perhaps "thunk"?

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No ding Linda, more of a clunk..just kidding. It's not crystal. I don't see the purple hue but the dealer running the sale said he did. Maybe he was just fast talking us..LOL. Anyway, it was only $15 so not much of a big deal. I was thinking maybe 40's or 50's, not vistorian. Thanks!

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I think the auctioneer was doing some fast talking....
I'd guess more like 1920's to mid 30's. Sort of that period of elegant Depression glass.
Purpled glass is not to be desired....the glass has been ruined.
The ledges of the north, south and east windows in my dining room and living room are covered with glass child's mugs, old punch cups and cup plates and honey dishes. In the south windows I am careful to put either the few flint cups and some repros that were given to me by people who don't recognize a repro. I have a couple of old cups that are bginning to purple because I forgot about sun on glass of that era. The cup[ plates and honey dishes are fine....they are all flint glass.

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$15? Good deal.

It's a nice classical urn-shaped vase. Fill it with glass gems and stick roses in it.

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Hard to judge by photo but has the same handles and top design an older wine chiller would have

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